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Jul 18, 2015

Introduction: Good Vibes, Dropping The Seriousness

Unknown     7/18/2015  No comments

I don't know how to start this, I was just in the comfort room, dumping some you-know-what and yes I did think twice if I will share what I was doing before starting typing again. Seriously, I did. And I know it sounds gross, but please don't judge. Smile. Seriousness makes a person dull and dry. It keeps you away from people and from God. So, let's drop our seriousness and I want you to start reading this with a smile. Not smiling yet? Close your eyes for a few seconds. Inhale, exhale. Think of happy thoughts. Trust me, God will not let you read this for no reason. Remember, everything has a purpose. He will not let you do something if it is not for your own good. So there, let me start sharing again.

I started writing when I was in grade school, started with poems. I remember how
challenging it was for me to think of rhyming and best words that will make my poems
sound cute, just like me, cute. Hah! I made you smile again. Don't worry, you're cute as
well. Actually, I wonder how good looking you are. I want to share how I love
appreciating a person's physical appearance. I don't care if others say, "No, I don't like her
nose" or "She's like a lollipop, too thin and her head is big." As long as you have a good
heart, you smile a lot, you have a good attitude and you know how to take care of yourself
by practicing good body hygiene, you are definitely the best for me.

You are beautiful inside and out, that's how God created you. So, don't mind those
bashers. From now on, I want you to remember this, "Anyone who bashes you is an
unhappy and negative person. You are above that person. You are better than that person.
You understand better and you are positive. Pray. If their harsh words hurt you, just pray.
Talk to OUR Father, tell Him someone hurt your feelings. He will make you feel better.
Pray for the person who hurt you, He will teach him a lesson in the best way He can. Smile
is the best weapon. Just smile back to the person who critizes you and you will see, in the
end, he will be the one who will say sorry. God is ALWAYS in control. So, always smile
and let the good vibes roll and start dropping your seriousness.


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