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Jul 19, 2015

Love Yourself: Follow What Your Body Tells You

Unknown     7/19/2015  No comments

Sometimes, we tend to force ourselves to do something, to finish a task, not having enough rest and we end up very exhausted, not getting the best result.

I am not telling you to sit down and relax, be lazy and do your responsibilities little by little. Being responsible is different from being aggressive and working too much just to impress others. You need to enjoy your job to be  productive. 

Now let me ask you this, how can you be happy and productive if you are very tired because you are just forcing yourself? How to start? BE DISCIPLINED. Know your priorities. If you need to finish a project, FOCUS on finishing that project. Stop doing unnecessary things. Enjoy what you are doing. Love what you are doing.

I know it is hard to do what I am telling you. You might even say, "Nah, that's easy to say but hard to apply in real life." Let me tell you this: Start changing that attitude. You are being negative. You will never be happy if that's how you think. I want you to start trusting me. Start trusting my words. I became happy because God helped me. I want to touch others' lives. I want to touch your life. I am unselfish. I became happy and I want you to be happy as well.

Before I became like this, a positive and happy person, I was very negative. I used to force myself as well. When I was a kid until I became a mother of two, when I used to start anything like cleaning the house and doing household chores, I want to finish everything real time. I used to wake up in the morning and start cleaning the house without even taking my breakfast yet, not even drinking a glass of water. I didn't know why, maybe I wanted to impress my in-laws. I wanted to make them happy when they wake up in the morning, house is clean, breakfast is ready. I used to wash their clothes as well and go to the market place to buy the things they need. That's my way of thinking before. And I was wrong. At the end of the day, I was really really tired. Not getting enough rest that's why my immune system became weaker.

I wanted to be responsible. I was very responsible. That's what I thought. Yes, in the eyes of others, I was. Maybe I tried to please others but I wasn't even sure if they were pleased. Did I make them happy? Did they appreciate what I was doing? That I was not really sure. And now, what I am sure of is, I became responsible but not for myself. Yes I loved helping others. I loved what I was doing. But come to think of it: If only my body had a chance to speak, it will surely cry and beg for sleep. (Nah, I am just making you smile). 

So now, I started loving myself. Love God first and He will help you. Trust Him and you will learn how to love yourself. Again, I cannot explain it directly how He helped me. Just trust me when I say: Trust Him all the time. Trust Him all the way.  


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