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Nov 30, 2015

5 Best Franchise Businesses in the Philippines 2015

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Franchising is one of the easiest and most profitable way to become a successful entrepreneur. Sometimes, you are thinking, being a successful businessman or entrepreneur is really hard. Do you really need to take up a business course? Do you really need to be professional? No. Being a successful entreprenuer takes a lot of hard work and patience. If you are determined and hard-working, I am assuring you, you will be successful.

Dreaming of one day owning your own business? Here are some best tips for you. Let me give you

The 5 Best Franchise Businesses in the Philippines:

1. Convenience Store

Everyone knows 7-Eleven and Ministop. I sometimes even call 7-Eleven as "my life saver". Everyone loves convenience stores, especially busy people in the city. This type of franchise is definitely a hit in prime and business places in our country. And honestly, this is my dream business before. If you are interested and you have plans franchising one, here, let me help you.

As of 2015, 7-Eleven is the country’s biggest convenience store chain with over 700 stores. With a broad offering of everyday grocery items, fast food, telecom, bills payment and banking kiosk services, 7-Eleven has been awarded numerous times by the Philippine Franchise Association, as well as Entrepreneur Philippines. 7-Eleven has won titles such as Best Foreign Franchise, Fastest Growing Franchise, Best in Franchise Support, Marketing Campaign of the Year, and Hall of Fame International Master Franchise award.

For Franchise: You can call  (02) 726-9968, 0920-9508651, 0917-8711686 or email

2. Fast Food Franchise

Who doesn't love Mcdonald's and Jollibee?! Fast food restaurants are very convenient to busy people. Franchising a famous fast food restaurant is really expensive but I am assuring you, being successful in this kind of franchise is really possible. The chance of success is really high.

Here are some famous and successful fast food restaurants in the Philippines:

Jollibee is the number one fast food chain in the Philippines. The requirements to franchise Jollibee are on their official website and the cost to franchise Jollibee is around 15 million pesos to 30 million pesos (USD 266,445.00 to USD 532,890.00) depending on the site. For franchise, you can go HERE

Mc Donald’s 
Franchising Mc Donald’s in the Philippines? The cost of investment ranges from 25 to 35 million pesos depending on the size of the site, building, location and land cost. The complete requirements to franchise Mc Donald’s in the Philippines. Go HERE

KFC - There are over 13,000 KFC outlets in more than 80 countries and territories around the world. KFC has strict franchise requirements. The minimum financial requirement to open a KFC in the US is $ 1.5 million net worth and $750,000 in liquid assets. If you live outside the US and wants to franchise for KFC, go HERE

Chowking - To franchise Chowking, one must have a good moral character and posses an enthusiastic entrepreneurial business skills, financially stable and capable. Franchise investment requirement costs from P9M to P12M, depending on the size of the store.

For more information regarding the Chowking franchise, you may contact them through any of their contact details listed below:
Facebook Page:
Phone No.: (02)635-8888 loc. 324, (02)634-1111 loc. 5273
Fax No.: (02)634-1182

Goldilocks - To franchise Goldilocks fast food resto, the initial franchise fee costs 1.2 million pesos exclusive of VAT while the franchise investment cost ranges from 10 – 13 million pesos depending on the site and location. The complete franchise requirements are listed HERE

3. Food Cart Franchise

If you cannot afford a fast food franchise because it is really expensive (thousands of dollars, millions of pesos), yet you still want to franchise on the food industry, then you should have a food cart franchise. This industry is continuously doing a vivid impression in the world of business because of the great popularity it has achieved. You can get a franchise business for as low as 20,000 pesos. This is not just a popular business but surely a successful one. Be successful and popular in malls, schools and even in busy streets.

Pinoy Pao Express Inc. Since 1992! 
  • In partnership with San Miguel Corp.
  • No Royalty Fee
  • No Quota
  • 3 years franchise contract included
  •  Free seminar for the owner/management & crew training (both may attend as needed)
  • Free E-loading business via Load Central (all networks)
  • One-time Investment, Lifetime Benefits
  • Bonus Non-traditional Business with 8 Ways To Earn (Potential income: 50k to 70k++ per month)
  • ROI possible within 2-3 weeks or less
  • Start your own business NoW!
You can also choose from different successful food carts like Jack's, Emperor's Siomai, O'Noodle, Red Bowl, Burgeroo and more. 

For franchise, you can call or email: Food Cart Franchise Philippines

Facebook Page: Food Cart Franchise Philippines


Ms. Marie Jakielyn Gelvosa Telephone numbers: +639163058447 +639175716099 Email: Or just go here:FoodCart Franchising/Business/Negosyo

4. Water Refilling Station 

You know that water is very important to us. It is very essential. Thus, it can also be a good franchise business that you can have. There's a lot of water refill franchise available but you have to be very careful in screening. The best way of processing, the safer and cleanest way, the better.

Alkaline Water - Low investment, Packages start at Php 80,000.00 
Aquabest - you can go to Aquabest Franchise
And here is Water Refilling Station Business (No Franchise Fee)Click Here For Franchise

5. Cafe or Coffee Shop

“Even bad coffee is better than no coffee at all.” – David Lynch

Almost everyone loves coffee. Coffee shop is also a popular place in the Philippines. Although the products sometimes don’t come cheap, consumers still love going to popular coffee shops because of the relaxing atmosphere and homey ambiance. Filipinos love to chat and hangout with friends and family over a cup of coffee. Me, myself is a huge fan of coffee. This kind of franchise needs a huge amount of money as well but if you have what it takes and you are a coffee lover and a fan of coffee shops, then go for it.

Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf - The investment required to open a Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Franchise is between $3,000,000-$5,000,000 You gan go to their website for franchise. Here -> The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf Website

Starbucks - It has 20,900 (or more) branches worldwide.  If you wanna acquire a Starbucks outlet in the Philippines, you have to negotiate with them. Buying an outlet may range from $300,000 to $400,000 and you have to sign and comply a memorandum of understanding with them. Too expensive? There are other coffee shops that are not as famous as Coffee Bean and Starbucks but people love them as well. Why don't you learn more about them. Maybe you'll be the one who will make it as famous as the first two.

Cafe de France -one of the finest cafe’s in the south, with Main Branch located in Lapu Lapu City, Cebu, is now open for franchise.

Initial Term:
5 years, renewable
Total initial Investment: Pesos 2.5 M estimated
Royalty: 3 per cent of gross sales
Continuing Service Fee: 2 per cent of gross sales
Local Store Marketing: 1 per cent of gross sales
Required space: minimum 150 square meter. (Location must be available upon signing of Franchise agreement)

Estimated pre-opening expenses: 

Franchise Fee: P 300,000.00
Renovation, estimated: P 895,000.00
Equipment & Utensils, estimated: P 1,170,000.00
Initial Stocks: P 50,000.00
 Allowance and transportation for training: P 30,000.00
 Licensing, estimated: P 10,000.00
 Grand Opening marketing: P 25,000.00
Total: P 2,480,000.00 (pesos)

RK Franchise Consultancy Ground Floor Minnesota Mansion, 267 Ermin Garcia, Cubao, Quezon City Phones:  (02) 912-2946, 955-0734, Fax: (02) 912-2973 Nationwide Tollfree: 1800-10-88888RK Email:

Cafe de Seoul
This cafe is Korean-themed made for students in the area. This is for students who love to have study groups, solo reviewing or just plain chilling out.
Tel. No. 46-8038, 0917-870-2004.

Good luck to you, future entrepreneur! Just a friendly tip: Always remember that God is with you. Always have faith in Him and I am assuring you, you will be successful in your chosen business. Soar high. Make a a choice and start making a difference! :)

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