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Aug 9, 2015

5 Interesting Activities in the Philippines

Unknown     8/09/2015  2 comments

After you get tired of the gorgeous beaches in the Philippines (if that's even possible), here are 5 interesting activities you can do while you're in the Philippines. Whether you're going back to the Philippines for another trip, or you're visiting for the very first time, I have a few suggestions for cool things to add to your itinerary.


Cool Interesting things to do in Philippines 1

Giant pythons? Why not! Only in Cebu City Zoo in the Philippines.

How it works: Zookeepers will tell you to lie down on a bamboo bed and they will brief you on the process especially the DO's and DONT's. They will take four pythons and pile them on top of you. It will take 15 minutes per session. Each snake is fed a pre-massage snack of up to 10 chickens. The idea is they’ll be too stuffed to bother with the tasty human meal lying right underneath them.

Stay silent.
Be polite.

Do not blow air on the snake - Evidently,blowing air on the snake is like being pinched on the bum. So, even though they are not hungry, it will irritate them and they're still capable of squeezing you to death.

Do not shout for help.- Snakes can feel your vibrations and thinks you’re prey or a predator, depending on the environment. So, keep calm for atleast 15 minutes.

“At first, visitors feel fear but most of the guests who try the snake massage say that they like it. It's like getting a hand massage. You get to enjoy the cold grip of our snakes.” - Giovanni Romarate (zoo manager)


Cool Interesting things to do in Philippines 2

The Villa Escudero Resort of San Pablo City in the Philippines offers an interesting and unique experience for guests to get up close and personal with a roaring waterfall while enjoying their lunch.

Here's how their website describes it: "Lunch is served on bamboo dining tables set in a few inches of crystalline running water from the falls. The experience of dining on delicious local dishes with the sparkling waterfalls as a backdrop with clear spring water running over your feet is a truly singular and memorable experience only Villa Escudero can offer."


Cool Interesting things to do in Philippines 3

Isdaan Floating Restaurant can be found in Gerona, Tarlac City. Experience and savor finest pinoy delicacies in the world class fish restaurant situated on a pond, surrounded by nipa huts that are connected by bamboo bridges. It is truly a one of a kind restaurant where you can even feed thousands of Koi fishes as you stroll along the place or while waiting for your food. There are great musicians that can play your requested songs and you can even have a quick massage while waiting for your food in your hut. And of course, there's a lot of different dishes with excellent taste.


Cool Interesting things to do in Philippines 4

Why go to a regular spa and get a pedicure from a person when you can go to a Fish Spa and get doctor fish to give you a unique pedicure?

Garra rufa, also called doctor fish or nibble fish, is a species of fish that have been integrated as a spa treatment where they feed on the dead layers of skin cells leaving the feet smoother and softer, while at the same time stimulating pressure points to relax the body and help relieve stress.

Here's a list of fish spas in the Philippines that you can visit:

  • Dr. Pisces Fish Spa - 52 Aquino Residences, Napoleon St., Kingville Subdivision, Mayamot, Antipolo City
  • Tibiao Fish Spa - SM City General Santos
  • My Fish Spa - Boracay
  • Heal Your Feet Fish Spa - Cebu City
  • Fish Spa - Manila Ocean Park
  • Soulstice Spa’s Fish Spa - Unit 6, Greenhills Towncenter, Brgy. Valencia #2 Granada, Quezon City, 1112 Metro Manila
  • Isla de Vida Fish Spa Therapy - BF Resort Dr, Las Pinas, Metro Manila

Cool Interesting things to do in Philippines


Many cultures bury their dead out of sight beneath a commemorative headstone or a plaque. Some societies in China, Indonesia and Philippines have been hanging their ancestors prominently on cliff faces.

Cool Interesting things to do in Philippines 5

If you're heading up North, you can go to Sagada, Mountain Province, to see the hanging coffins from mountain cliffs. Filipino minority groups suspend caskets from the mountain rocks because they believe that this will bring the deceased closer to heaven.

There is a place where you can see the hanging coffins closely or from a far. After a little less than an hour of hiking and trekking, your sweat will be rewarded by this piece of history and heritage. The view is definitely relaxing and rewarding.


  1. Interesting activities in Philippines won't stop on this. It must be very exciting to visit other entertainments and attractions!

  2. I would not agree to a massage with snakes because I am very afraid of them and when I see them, I start to get real panic and horror.


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