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Aug 22, 2015

A Must-Read? SAY NO to The Law of Attraction

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Almost everyone knows the law of attraction.

According to wikiHow, the law of attraction states that every positive or negative event that happened to you was attracted by you. Like for example, you want to be a millionaire, ask for it, believe and you will receive. You are asking the "universe" when you are using the law of attraction. And there are some steps for you to do it.

1. Relax your mind
2. Be sure about what you want and when you decide, don't doubt yourself.
3. Ask the Universe for it.
4. Write your wish down.
5. Feel it.
6. Show gratitude.
7. Trust the Universe.

There is actually a very popular book and TV show about it. And there’s a lot of people who practice the law of attraction.

I am not a preacher but let us talk about prophesying.

If you will Google the word prophesying, you will have this definition:

to declare or foretell by or as if by divine inspiration. to utter in prophecy or as a prophet. to make inspired declarations of what is to come. to speak as a mediator between God and humankind or in God's stead.
To start with, you don't need to be a prophet. You just have to have faith and trust God. Be proud telling people that you have faith in God.

Let me help you understand it better. You don't need to worry because this is fun. So, go ahead and read on. Trust me, you will thank me later.

I grew up with a family who believes in the law of attraction. I have a sister who I really respect and look up to. She's been my inspiration since I was a kid. She has huge faith in God but she believes in the law of attraction. Almost all of my sisters believe in that law, even my mom. I love them so much and I really do respect what they believe.

I will be honest. A few years ago, I tried to watch it. My younger sister had a book about the law of attraction but I was not a fan of reading any books back then. Before, I prefer listening or watching.

My elder sister gave me a link of the video in YouTube. My mom used to tell me to watch it as well. I tried. I tried to believe and apply it but I can't. I didn't want to force myself to use that kind of law. I always have this in mind: Why would I trust the universe? Why would I force myself to believe that I will have my own car next month and then get hurt if I didn't get it? I will trust no one but God. If it's for me, it's for me.

You must understand that God is in charge of the Universe. Ask God, not the universe. He is taking care of you, guiding and guarding you.

I only have one dream. But that dream is huge as my faith. I am not a hypocrite and I will not make up stories. I will not pretend like I am a perfect person who believes in God. I am not perfect. Like what I told you, am not a preacher but I am willing to be your new friend.

What's my huge dream? I want to be very very rich ever since. I believe in myself. I know I will be a responsible rich person, unselfish and with a good heart. I wanted to help my family since then.

Now, first of all, how will I be rich if I will not act?

I am a very hard working person. You work hard as well. You might even work harder than me. There comes a time when we say these: “I've been very responsible and work really really hard. Nothing's happening. I don't have savings. I only work to pay bills. I do not have time for myself and my family anymore. I will never be successful.”

Here comes Prophesying.

We must start prophesying the right thing. Yes I understand that we all have negative thoughts. But you must remember: If you speak that negative thought, you will give them life. Then it will become a reality.
It is OK to have negative thoughts. The law of attractions tells you not to have negative thoughts. But you are just human. You have a heart. You get hurt.

Start praying and trusting God to feel better. It is OK to cry and release the pain. But learn to trust Him.

You can cry but don't get trapped. Don't get stuck. Do what you need to do. Do what you think is right. You are not stupid. You know the "right" things that can help you move on and be better person.

You are really down right now because your husband left you. Your marriage didn't work out. You have kids and you do not know how to move on. You are thinking how to start moving on. STOP saying "I do not know how to start." Never say that to your friends. Do not speak negative things. Even if you're hurt, you can say or tell your friend, "I will be fine. I will move on. God will help me move on."

It is OK to "think" about it. Think about it as if you are praying to God. By simply doing that, it only shows that you have faith in Him.

You must remember this: He already planned your life. Like what I always say, He is the director and writer of your life. If you are still hurt, the movie isn't the end yet. Your movie will have the best and happiest ending if you will accept Him as your director.

If your marriage didn't work out, if your boyfriend or your best friend left you, it has a reason. Sometimes, God closes the door and moves out people in our lives. Their time is up.

You will get hurt but remember this: It will NEVER harm you. It will PUSH YOU. It will push you to your purpose in life. It will push you to become a better person. It will push you to change for the better. God is forcing you to change and make adjustments. But if you will trust Him and start prophesying the right words, trust me, you will become happy like me.

Stop criticizing yourself. Wake up and say in front of the mirror, "Good morning! I feel awesome today! I AM always awesome!"

Stop cursing your life. DO NOT COMPLAIN.

Don't say I'm tired. Get enough sleep and start being positive. (You can read Love Yourself: Follow What Your Body Tells You ) If you have poor words, you will have a poor life. Always pay attention to what you are saying because your words will become reality. If you will keep on saying negative, it will stop or hinder the favor that was ordained to you.

HIS DREAM IS BIGGER THAN YOU CAN IMAGINE. He will open new doors. HE WILL GIVE YOU THE RIGHT PEOPLE. He always has the final say. He will make you happy.

Now let me ask you this, which one do you prefer? The Law Of Attraction or Prophesying?
Feel free to post your comments or contact me.



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