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Aug 25, 2015

Dealing With Unexpected Difficulty? Keep Calm and Read On

Unknown     8/25/2015  2 comments

We sometimes have difficulties or trouble that we didn't see coming; the unexpected crisis that catches us off guard. It may be unexpected to us but you have to realize that it is not a surprise to God. He will not allow any difficulty unless He has a divine purpose for it.

It is easy to panic and fall apart but you should realize that God knows the end from the beginning. You are in a controlled environment. The Creator of the universe is in control. He has solutions to all the problems that we have.

It may look like a set back but you should know the truth that it is a set up for Him to show His power in a greater way. You must also realize that God sometimes use YOU to display His greatness and an example. He wants to turn your test into a testimony.

Being a believer doesn't make us immune to difficulty. God promises that if we will stay in faith, He will take what was meant for our harm and not only use it to our advantage but He will use it to display His greatness to other people.

Yes, it is true that rain falls on the just and the unjust. But here's the difference: For the just, for the believer, which is you and me, the scripture says, "no weapon formed against us will ever prosper."
It doesn't say that it will not rain and you will not have unexpected trouble. You may experience some difficulties but because you are a child of the Most High God and that difficulty will not prosper against you. God will not just bring you out but will bring you out better than before.

So, when something unexpected happens, instead of falling apart and panicking, that's when more than ever you need to expect God to show up.

Sometimes, you will say, "I am trying to honor God. I am always doing my best. I must be doing something wrong. I must not be doing good enough." A lot of times, the reason we have difficulty is not because we are not doing something wrong but because we are doing something right. It's because you are making a difference. It's because you are taking new ground for your family. It is because you are a threat to the enemy.

The enemy wouldn't bother if he didn't know God had something amazing in your future. The enemy never stops to keep you from the new levels that God has in store for you.

"I don't understand why these people in the office are giving me a hard time. I treat them with respect. I work hard. I mind my own business but they're all criticizing me." Listen, that's not because you are doing something wrong. If you act like them, they will leave you alone. That is happening because you are letting your light shine. Darkness never likes the light but don't worry about it because light will always overtake the darkness.

Just keep shining! Keep smiling. Keep treating people good even they are not treating you good. Keep doing the right things even the wrong things are happening. That trouble is a sure sign that God has something amazing in your future



                                                                                                                   Source: Joel Osteen



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  2. GOD always has some divine purpose behind giving you any unexpected and complex situation. Actually these situations make you feel stronger . So always satay calm and face every difficulty with bravery and confidence and conquer this world. Have strong believe in GOD.


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