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Aug 4, 2015

Everything Happens For a Reason

Unknown     8/04/2015  No comments

It's hard to act OK if you're not really OK. You are trying your best to take care of the people you love and it hurts you the most when you're trying to do well and be good to them but they do not appreciate it. Yes, you are trying to be positive. You are always trying to feel good and smile. I understand that it is hard to be fine if it is someone you love hurt your feelings.

Now, I want you to know that everything happens for a reason. We do not know the reason for now but I am assuring you, God will show it to you. You should learn to trust Him. We should always trust Him.

Don't be discouraged and demotivated. You should have faith in Him that He has something for you. And that something is for your own good. Maybe you will get hurt for a few minutes, days or even for a year. Trust me, whatever the reason is, it is for your own happiness.

God already knew what's good for you. He wrote the stories of our lives. He is the director of your own movie and that movie isn't the end yet. Remember my friend: If you get hurt, it is not the end yet. God's movies and stories have the best happy endings. He knows what's best for you. Trust and honor Him, He will definitely make you happy.


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