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Aug 2, 2015

Help Yourself To Feel Good

Unknown     8/02/2015  No comments

1. Talk About It

If someone hurt your feelings, like your friend or even your husband. Don't hesitate to open up. Don't hesitate to tell him what you feel. But be careful to choose the right words. You don't need to blame him. You don't need to say negative words. Try to be positive as much as you can. Remember: Blaming will not fix your problem. If you blame him, it will just make it worse.

2. Cry

You are not weak if you cry.  You are actually strong because you are not afraid to cry. People only think that if a person cries a lot, he is weak. So others don't want to cry in front of people. Well, I am not telling you to cry in front of others. If you're hurt and you are about to cry, let it go. If you don't want others see you cry, control yourself first, say excuse me, go to your room and cry. If you're at the mall or at the office, you can go to the washroom. You don't have to cry out loud and cry like a baby. You just have to let it out. Trust me, it will absolutely help you to feel good.

3. Pray

Crying is not enough to feel good. Yes, it will help you. But when you cry and you pray at the same time, it will not only help you on that specific moment. It will help you for the rest of your life. Prayer will help you as a whole, it will help you in general. Cry like a kid, pray like you are a kid talking to his dad. God is OUR Father. Fathers don't want to see their children cry. He will be there for you. Trust me, He will help you more to feel good.

4. Talk To A Kid 

You are lucky if you have a child. Wether you have a nephew or niece, you can talk to them. You can hug him and even cry to him. Tell him you are hurt. You don't have to tell him what exactly happened. You will see how good it feels. You'll see, he will hug you back, touch your face and will tell you to stop crying. That feeling is priceless. It is unbelievable. It will help you 100%.

5. Be Thankful

Don't focus on the person who hurt you. Do not focus on the negative things that happened to you within the day. Remember this: There is ALWAYS a positive side. If your sister hurt you today, don't dwell on it. Think of happy thoughts. Think of the good things she did for you and thank her for being a good sister. If your friend betrayed you, be thankful that you finally knew the real her. That she is not a true friend but a manipulator. Be thankful to God. He is always there, taking care of you.

6. Apologize

It seems to be the hardest word to say according to others. (I just heard that from a song) And that is not true. You are just thinking that it is hard to say. Drop the ego. Drop the pride. If you're not used to it, start changing that attitude. Again, you are just thinking that way. Remember: It's all in the mind.Say sorry like you mean it. If you know you did something wrong to others and it is your fault, don't hesitate to say it.  You have to trust me again this time. You will see how good it feels in the end. Especially if that person smiles back and say, "No, don't worry about it, it's ok." You just saved a friendship. You are being good. It will make you happy.

7. Smell Good To Feel Good 

Before anything else, you must remember to have proper hygiene. Take a bath, brush your teeth and always always use deodorant. I want you to know how important it is to smell good for you to feel good. I want to share how I love taking a bath before going to bed and wear my favorite perfume. I feel so relaxed and I really feel so good. You must remember that wearing a perfume is not just for others. People wear their perfume in school, at work, on a date for them to be noticed by people. Yes, it is absolutely true that it really feels good when others compliment you. It feels good when you passed by and someone will tell you, "Hey, what's your perfume? You smell good." It feels good when your husband tells you how he loves your smell. But hey, I am here telling you this right now: I want you to smell good for yourself first. You bought that perfume because you love that scent, right? Wear that anytime or anywhere you want. You can try to wear that when you go to bed. Smell how good you are. It will totally help you to feel good.

8. Smile 

That explains it. :)


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