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Aug 19, 2015

How Zodiac Signs Recharge

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Failure to recharge one’s Sun sign energy results in depletion, irritability, and increased vulnerability to physical and emotional dis-eases.  The element of one’s Sun sign is the fuel needed to feel alive.  It is the source of vitality and power, the resource for coping with stress and challenges.

How Zodiac Signs Recharge:


Confronted with conflict, ARIES will attempt to overpower the obstacles, to burn them up or scare them away by a show of force.  Tactfulness is rare for ARIES.  He/she responds with intensity and favors direct action in problem-solving.  Impulse, rather than deliberation, is most likely.

ARIES recharges by:  

1)  Vigorous physical activity in the sunlight;
2) Involvement with other fire signs—Leo and Sagittarius;
3) Involvement in promotional type work based on inspired ideas and goals.
ARIES deprived of regular vigorous physical activity in the sunlight will begin to feel depleted and depressed.  Fire is spontaneous energy that moves quickly.  To stifle fire energy is to literally put it out.

How Zodiac Signs Recharge:


TAURUS disdains conflict, preferring to absorb the brunt of the problems.  However, if driven against the wall, TAURUS can react with stunning force.  Repressed energy is never constructive and interferes with well-being.  Creativity can be an excellent release for pent-up emotional energy. VULCAN is the soul-centered ruler of TAURUS; however, sufficient research has not yet been published to be accurate in its location within your natal chart.  Vulcan’s energy assists in detaching from identification with the material plane.  It links humanity with the Divine Plane.  Vulcan’s lessons of detachment can be painful as they often manifest as loss of people and things.  The purpose is to break TAURUS’ fixation on the material plane. Vulcan’s message is:  “Store up treasures in heaven where moth nor rust can corrupt.”


1) Taking on activities that offer challenges for coping with the material world.  TAURUS expressing self through practical accomplishments stimulates her best energies.
2) Close associations with other earthy types of people, especially Virgo and Capricorn.
3) Getting feet “in the mud,” being close to nature and tuning into the power of growth in trees and plants.  Play in the mud.

How Zodiac Signs Recharge:


 GEMINI tends to rise above conflict and float around it.  Though GEMINI may later resent the person or situation involved, they will tend to handle the problem gracefully. GEMINI’s life long search is for a “twin” who will offer mental understanding.  GEMINI needs to relate as well as create.  GEMINI is on a quest.  Though he may not know what that quest is, GEMINI knows there is something out there that one must be unencumbered to do.  Relationships that GEMINI perceives as “encumbering” will, therefore, tend to be blamed for the lack of freedom to go on the quest.

GEMINI recharges by:

1) Regular contact with people of like mind, social involvements that allow expression of their ideas, and a vocation that offers intellectual freedom and stimulation.
2)  Close association with other air types of people—Libra and Aquarius.
3) Getting lots of fresh, clean air.  The thin, highly electric air in the mountains is especially rejuvenating.  GEMINI lungs need plenty of oxygen.

How Zodiac Signs Recharge:


CANCER dislikes conflict and will attempt to circumvent it one way or another.  CANCER  is indirect and evasive in communications.  She may snap out unexpectedly, just as the crab.  She will attempt to hide her true feelings; however, CANCER unconsciously projects her emotions onto those around her.  She will cling to resentment and emotional pain—often allowing it to manifest in the form of physical dis-ease.  CANCER can distinguish the symptoms of physical dis-ease; she has difficulty recognizing and claiming as “hers” her own repressed negative emotions.

CANCER recharges by:  

1) Regular contact with other watery people, such as SCORPIO & PISCES;
2) Intense emotional involvement in their work or creative projects;
3) Close contact with bodies of water, especially the ocean.  Swimming is an excellent way for CANCER to release emotional tension.  CANCER may have to be encouraged to exercise, as her energy is slow-moving and passive.

How Zodiac Signs Recharge: LEO

LEO responds to situations with intensity and takes impulsive, direct action in the solving of a problem.  Fire energy attempts to overpower the obstacles, to burn them up or scare them away through a display of his powerful force. Never insult LEO.  Always leave room for the Lion to save face.  Never embarrass LEO in front of others.

LEO  recharges by:  

1) Close associations with other fire element signs:  ARIES & SAGITTARIUS.
2) Work and/or exercise that is physically demanding and active.  3) Inspirational and promotional type work geared toward a goal.  4) Regular, vigorous exercise in sunlight.  LEO needs to be outdoors, soaking in the radiant fire from the Sun.  LEO feels as if he’s dying if forced to remain inside for long periods of time.  To do so can actually have serious psychological consequences.

How Zodiac Signs Recharge:


VIRGO , as well as the other earth signs, is solid in nature.  VIRGO dislikes conflict and will tend to absorb the force of the problem’s energy, rather than speak to it.  VIRGO has sound common sense and desires practical, useful results from their energy output.  Engaging in conflicts is a waste of energy.  On the other hand, VIRGO’s tendency to criticize can create conflict.

VIRGO  recharges by:  

1) Regular association with other earthy people, such as Taurus and Capricorn.
2) Through taking on material duties and obligations.  Coping with the material world stimulates VIRGO’s best energies and feeds her need to express herself through practical accomplishments.
3) VIRGO’s element is earth; she gets her vital energy from the Earth.  Therefore, she needs to get her hands and feet dirty, to attune to the trees and plants.  Meditative walks in nature are excellent, especially as one consciously drinks in the energies of the Earth.

How Zodiac Signs Recharge:


LIBRA, especially on the personality level, is the manipulator par excellence who gets his way using one subtle technique or another.  This is maddening to the partner/mate who ends up feeling guilty over being angry with “sweet” LIBRA.  Meanwhile, LIBRA strives to be victorious over any confrontation in ways that “appear” to be graceful.  LIBRA is to learn to be honest with self and others and to learn the art of compromise.

LIBRA recharges by:  

1) Regular association with other airy people, such as Gemini and Aquarius.
2) LIBRA gets its power from the air—its element.  The highly electric air of the mountains is especially helpful.  For a LIBRA, more so than the other air signs, a mountain retreat home can be most helpful.  Here LIBRA can find the peaceful, beautiful surroundings that so refresh him.
3) Close personal relationships with people of like mind.  Social engagements and entertainment recharge LIBRA.  Work and relationships that allow for intellectual freedom, stimulation, and the expression of LIBRA’s ideas also recharge the air element.

How Zodiac Signs Recharge:


  SCORPIO, especially at the personality-centered level, will seek out challenges and problems.  At a subconscious level, SCORPIO realizes that conflict calls forth her greatest strength and resources.  All water signs are easily hurt.  At other times, SCORPIO will tend to maintain silence, not wanting to cause unnecessary conflict.  SCORPIO has trouble forgiving and resisting the temptation to “get even.” Their secretive nature may avoid any real open, honest communication within a conflict situation.  As powerful as SCORPIO may be, they are still vulnerable to being hurt.  They instinctively seek to protect themselves.

SCORPIO recharges by:  

1) Regular association with other watery people, especially Cancer and Pisces.
2) Intense emotional involvement in her work, relationships, and creativity.  SCORPIO is such intense emotional energy that it must have constructive outlets of release.  Using the energy of artistic creativity is an excellent emotional release.
3) SCORPIO needs to live near a body of water and regularly immerse self in it.  The ocean rhythm is very healing for SCORPIO.  Brisk walks along the ocean are both healing and serve as an emotional release.

How Zodiac Signs Recharge:


SAGITTARIUS’ blunt, totally honest nature can be painful to others.  SAGITTARIUS will tend to overpower the opposition, to control with a show of verbal force.  He is not good at listening and truly perceiving what the other is saying.  SAGITTARIUS tends to be too busy to truly listen.  He will tend to take direct action, often before thinking through the situation.  He tends to project blame for the conflict onto others, refusing to look within for true insight. SAGITTARIUS will quickly forgive and forget

Sagittarius recharges by:  

1) Regular association with other fiery persons, especially Aries & Leo.
2)  Work or involvement with promotional, inspired goals and aspirations.  Work that is physically demanding and active.
3) SAGITTARIUS needs to be outdoors, soaking up the sunshine—its vital energy.  SAGITTARIUS needs time to relax and exercise after work.  SAGITTARIUS has a difficult time getting off work and coming home to a list of chores before having a change to play.  SAGITTARIUS’ nature is playful; thus, he needs to play more so than the other zodiac energies.  Playfulness is SAGITTARIUS’ way of being spontaneous, of expecting good things to happen in life.  SAGITTARIUS needs to consciously cultivate a peaceful state of contentment—a state that will allow him to avoid a great deal of stress and wasted energy.

How Zodiac Signs Recharge:


CAPRICORN tends to disdain conflicts, but will express hostility as a defense against an attack.  CAPRICORN is deeply sensitive (a fact they hide from others).  If hurt during a conflict, it can take CAPRICORN a long time to heal.  As a result, CAPRICORN may seek retribution for the pain.  Since CAPRICORN resists looking inward, their communication is not likely to be open and honest during a conflict.  Rigidity in thinking can be a problem. CAPRICORN’s strong and long-lasting attachment to their family-of-origin can be a source of conflict, especially within the marriage relationship.

CAPRICORN recharges by:  

1) Regular contact with other earthy persons, especially Taurus & Virgo.
2) Earth is the vital energy of CAPRICORN, therefore, being close to nature, working in the dirt, and making prolonged contact with trees (hugging a tree, sitting with your back leaning against a tree) is an all important source of revitalization.
3) Earth plane duties and obligations that offer challenges in coping with the material world.  CAPRICORN needs to see the physical results of her efforts.
4) Conscious attunement to the Pan (playful) side of her nature.  CAPRICORN often has to be forced by life’s events to allow herself to commune with nature in playful, relaxing ways.  Once this happens, she will end up saying, “That was the best thing that ever happened to me.”  But—the goal is to intend this play, not wait until it is forced upon CAPRICORN.

How Zodiac Signs Recharge:


AQUARIUS will tend to rise above the conflict and float around it; however, resentment toward the person involved may arise.  Conflicts are usually handled gracefully.  AQUARIUS  can be inflexible.  He operates from a position of “I KNOW,”  whether or not what AQUARIUS knows is valid for the person involved in the conflict. AQUARIUS will seldom say, “I’m sorry; I was wrong.”  About the most that can be expected is, “I’m sorry what I KNOW hurts you.”  The “what I KNOW hurts you” may not be verbalized. AQUARIUS craves salt (esoterically salt symbolizes wisdom), which can mean a tendency toward glaucoma if coupled with feelings of pressure on the eyelids.  Hatha Yoga is excellent for AQUARIUS, due to URANUS’ association with cramps and spasms.

AQUARIUS recharges by:  

1) Regular contact with other airy persons, especially Gemini and Libra.
2) Relationships with like-minded persons, social involvements that allows him to express his ideas, and work that allows for innovation, freedom, and mental stimulation.
3) Clean, fresh air, especially mountain air.  AQUARIUS is also healed by the cold, winter air.

PISCES is hypersensitive and can become depressed easily over little things said to them.  If PISCES feels she is being criticized, she will suffer extreme embarrassment.  If the criticism becomes severe, PISCES will tend to panic, causing her to either flee or become hysterical.  In times of conflict, PISCES may attempt to rationalize her way out, rather than face the consequences or engage in open communication.  Honest communication can be difficult because PISCES often does not know why she is disturbed of behaving as she is.  Allow PISCES to maintain her inner pride.

How Zodiac Signs Recharge:


 PISCES is hypersensitive and can become depressed easily over little things said to them.  If PISCES feels she is being criticized, she will suffer extreme embarrassment.  If the criticism becomes severe, PISCES will tend to panic, causing her to either flee or become hysterical.  In times of conflict, PISCES may attempt to rationalize her way out, rather than face the consequences or engage in open communication.  Honest communication can be difficult because PISCES often does not know why she is disturbed of behaving as she is.  Allow PISCES to maintain her inner pride.

PISCES recharges by:  

1) Regular contact with other watery persons, especially Cancer & Scorpio.
2) Living in close proximity to bodies of water, swimming and boating.
3) Work in which PISCES can express intense emotional involvement.  PISCES must serve and must create.  The alternative for PISCES is to suffer. PISCES must regularly retreat from the world.  Her search is for the Castle of Peace; ventures that offer an avenue of release for her bottled-up creativity.
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