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Aug 19, 2015

Instagram Hashtags Not Working

Unknown     8/19/2015  No comments

Instagram Hashtag Problem: Doesn't Work!

Instagram Hashtags Not Working
I decided to sign up for instagram as @richpinay because I wanted to have an instagram presence for this website. After a few days, I noticed that my hashtags aren't working. There is less than 30 hashtags per picture, and I have tried using popular and unpopular hashtags (keywords).
Instagram Hashtags Not Working
So I googled "My instagram hashtags don't work" and I saw hundreds of forums, question and answer websites with the same topic!

( eg. Instagram hashtag doesn't work, instagram hashtags don't work?!? Why is my instagram hashtags not working recently? Instagram hashtags not working!? Why won't my Instagram hashtags work anymore ? Trouble With Instagram Hashtags :, Ongoing problems with hashtags on Instagram,)
Instagram Hashtags Doesn't Work
Apparently, this has been going on for years?!?

If you go to and search for instagram not working-  they don't have a topic and they don't have an answer!

The answers on the forums and websites are as follows: ( to save you time from google research)
Instagram Hashtags Doesn't Work
Maybe you have more than 30 hashtags on your picture
This has been a problem on instagram since Facebook bought them
I've had this problem since they rolled out the video component on instagram
Go to the settings and select Report a Problem and select Broken Feature. And keep reporting it on a daily basis till it's fixed.
Log out and log back in
Someone said to uninstall Instagram and reinstall it
It must be corrupt hashtags - What the heck is a corrupt hashtag?!
The worst answer for me was: You have to connect with Facebook - but this is not my personal instagram, I don't want my website instagram updating my personal facebook?!?
Instagram hashtag not showing - SOLUTION:

So I tried all the suggested solutions and this is what worked for me: I uninstalled then installed instagram. Then linked a facebook account to the instagram account ( if you don't want to use your personal facebook account, you probably sign up for a facebook account for your instagram account. When that is linked, upload your first photo with the hashtags and remember to share that picture on facebook. (click Facebook in the share option - you have to do this at least once).

Sadly, I noticed that only a few hashtags work with this solution. And for others, it doesn't work at all. If you have another solution feel free to post it as a comments below.


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