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Aug 5, 2015

Know The Difference Between God's Voice and The Enemy's Voice

Unknown     8/05/2015  No comments

Today, I woke up with a smile on my face and with a very positive mind. I washed my face and saw my sister's babysitter and said, "Hello there! Good morning!" I was smiling from ear to ear but she just stared at me, didn't smile back and took me for granted.

I was cutting out pictures for my daughter's homework in the balcony. The babysitter was drinking coffee. She saw a book near me and asked me, "What is that?" She came closer. "Oh, I thought it's a dictionary." She told me she needs a dictionary for her niece.

If you're in my situation, will you talk to her in a nice way? Or take her for granted like what she just did?

I talked to her. I was even smiling because she was talking to me. She told me she wants to give her niece a dictionary because she's about to go to high school.  For me, she is really nice. Come to thnk of it, she is working for her family. She really has a good heart. Sometimes, we should learn to be more appreciative and learn to see the good rather than the bad. This time, if others are rude to her, I will be good to her.

I went inside the house and looked for a dictionary. I went back and gave it to her. She's really happy and thanked me.

My dear friend, we must learn to distinguish the voice of God from the enemy's voice. You can start by having a disciplined mind. Remember this: If you "know" what to do, if you "know" the right thing to do, follow your heart and do it.

You don't need to over analyze things. God put people in our path on purpose, so we can be a blessing to them.

Will you start to do great things? You can do great "little" things for others. Trust me, if you will start now, you will start being happy. God chose you to be a blessing to others, remember that.

Will you clean the house or the kitchen?

Will you be kind to your co-worker if he or she's not kind to you?

Will you take care of the people you love who need you the most like your husband who is depressed because he has no job? Will you do your best to motivate him instead of leaving him?

Will you hug and thank your mother even if she left you before to work overseas just for you to have an easy life because your dad left her?

Will you take care of your boyfriend or girlfriend after finding out that he or she is using illegal drugs or walk away and let that person be a drug addict?

Will you help your sister who is depressed and be a good sister to her or just take her for granted and be insensitive?

Don't think twice. Learn to discipline your mind. Obey God's voice.
Don't ignore the "I knows" and be quick to obey.

Partial obedience is not obeying. The greater the difficulty, the greater the reward. Trust me, obey and follow Him, he will give you a happy life.


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