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Aug 22, 2015

Nobody's Perfect

Unknown     8/22/2015  No comments

I am not a perfect person. At first, I didn't know why God chose me to inspire people. Did I find Him? Or God found me? I am just human. I sin like you do. Before, if someone hurts me, I will make sure to teach that person a lesson. I usually say, "Hah! You messed with the wrong person." Vengeance 'was' my thing. I didn't like it when people say, "Just turn your other cheek around." I'll just say, "No way!"

One night, my younger sister woke me up. "Hey, someone on Facebook posted horrible things about you." My faith started to grow more by that time. I thought evil couldn't defeat my faith anymore. I was wrong. I told my sister to just take it for granted. She kept on saying, "You have to take a look at it!" I said, "No. I don't have an enemy. I don't want to stress myself out."

"He said you're a scammer! That you owe him 15,000" I smiled and ignored it simply because, it is not true. A few minutes later, my mom told me to get up and said, "Go ahead and see it. Fix it!" (In my mind, why would I fix it? I didn't do anything). I just stood up, followed her because she's my mom.

That was 3 o'clock in the morning. I checked my Facebook account. Someone used the name of "Stephen Marcos" and said a lot of bad things about me. I was sure that it wasn't him. First of all, I don't know someone named Stephen Marcos. All I know was, that person knows me. He knows me a lot. He knows my kids. He knows my husband. He even tried to ruin my whole family and he succeeded.

I only had four suspects back then: my four former friends. They were my former colleagues as well. At that time, my husband told me to gather proof and he wanted to sue them. That Stephen Marcos with a fake Facebook account started to post on different public pages about me. My friends started to send me messages about it. Aside from being a scammer, he started saying that my mom was a drug addict. He started telling everyone that I had an abortion. He started including my daughter's name. They didn't stop.

They worked really hard to destroy my family. They won. I did everything to find out the truth. I wanted to prove myself. I questioned God back then because I was really really hurt. I had the worst days of my life. But after all my worst experiences when I tried my best to know the real person behind that Stephen Marcos, I am now sure of one thing. "GOD LOVES ME." He wanted me to know and understand Him more. He wanted me to know how great He is. He tested me. And I passed all His tests. I got hurt and experienced the worst days of my life because He just wanted to push me. God pushed me to become a better person. He pushed me even harder.

Remember this my friend: The harder the sacrifices, the more he will promote you. If he needs to remove people out of my life, the people who I really loved the most, He will and He did. My husband left me. It was really hard. But God stays with me and He never left my side. My story isn't the end yet but I know everything will be OK. Now, I am proud to say that I never questioned my faith anymore. My relationship with Him is greater than I could ever imagine. He wanted me to know Him better. He wanted me to tell everyone how great He is, how He loves everyone and it's OK not to be perfect. He wants me to tell everyone that it's not too late and will never be. Just start loving and trusting Him and you will be happy like me.

He is just waiting for you :)


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