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Sep 3, 2015

Pain Has a Purpose?! Keep Calm and Read On

Unknown     9/03/2015  1 comment

Sometimes, we don't understand what's going on in our lives. You are being good, making people happy, loving everyone around you but in the end, you still get hurt.

Sometimes, you have questions in your mind:

"Why am I still lonely?"

"I keep on loving a person and doing everything for him, why am I still not happy?"

"I am being a good person but problems never stop. Why is this happening to me?!"

There are different kinds of pain. There are many reasons why you get hurt. Maybe someone in your family just died today. Maybe you are facing illness right now. Maybe something did not work out that's why you are very disappointed and discouraged. Maybe your heart really aches at this moment and you cannot handle it anymore.

I may not give you the exact answers why we are having pain right now, but I can tell you this:


You may not like the feeling. Of course, nobody likes being hurt. But we should understand that God is only preparing you. Yes, that's right, He is preparing you. Pain is there to develop you.

We must understand that pain and difficulties are part of our lives. Now, it's up to you how you will handle it. It is up to you how you will allow the pain to change you.

Here, you can choose from a and b:

1.You may come out __

a. better or
b. bitter

2. You can come out __

a. stronger or
b. defeated

3. You can __

a. grow through it or
b. just go through it

I understand what's on your mind. You may say, "Nah! It is very easy to say move on and move forward. Oh yeah, easy to say it but hard to do it!"

Do not worry, I was one of the weakest ones. I am just human. I am the most understanding and sweetest person you will ever know, but I am very sensitive. Anyone can give up. But I want you to understand this:

The scripture talks about God being in control of the enemies. Evil is everywhere. Evil doesn't stop. But God controls the enemies. The enemy may turn on the fire, but God has his hand on the thermostat. God controls the pain. God knows what we can handle.

You may not like the pain now, but God knows what you need and when you need it. Remember: You have the "can do power". Do not waste your pain. There is only one key: Discipline your mind. Know the right things to do while you are in the middle of the pain.

We may not understand what's going on, but we should remember this:


Keep holding on and keep the faith. You may feel weak right now because of the pain, but I am assuring you, as long as you trust the Most High God, he will make you stronger like what He did to me.


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