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Jul 28, 2015

Stay Positive: Be Free From Bad Thoughts

Unknown     7/28/2015  No comments

I want to start by saying this: You are a winner. I want you to think that you are always a winner.

I am trying to set your mind before anything else. I want you to know how important it is to set your mind in a positive way because it will lead you to the right direction. You will have the right people. You will be successful. You will be happy.

A few years ago, I used to be a very negative person. I even had this belief not to expect too much because it will only disappoint you in the end. I didn't want to get excited because I was really afraid not to have the result that I wanted. For example, I will be having a vacation in the next 2 days, I had this conviction not to be happy and excited because I 'was' sure that I will not be happy on that specific vacation.

I came from a broken family. When I was a kid, I told myself that I will have the most responsible father of my kids. I promised myself not to have a broken family like what I have now. It was hard to grow up without a father. It was hard to grow up without a mom who needed to work overseas. She raised all her kids by herself and I salute her for that. She became my inspiration. I grew up promising myself that I will choose the best man for my kids.

I met this guy who is a very nice person. I knew he will love me and my kids because he is a very loving son to his mom and a sweet brother to his sisters. Unfortunately, he needed to leave me and my kids to be a good provider. He had his annual vacation but it was still hard to raise my kids by myself. On his 5th year in the Middle East, I almost gave up. There were times that I always cry, telling him to have time for me. He only had one rest day in a week but still, he had no time for me. I understand that he just wanted to earn money for the future of my kids. I know he loved me. I know he loves my kids so much.

I tried to explain and talk to him why I needed some of his time but he never listened. I was happy back then until one day; I started feeling really bad and started saying, "I will not be happy anymore. I did everything to save our relationship but it is not working anymore."

Sad to say, I just woke up one day, crying almost every day. (Man, I was currently listening to Laura Woodley Osman in YouTube and I just changed it to Worth It by Fifth Harmony!) Thank God, it is not hard to smile now because He is helping me. I started trusting Him with all my heart. I never lose my faith. I started feeling blessed and I feel good because I always feel His presence. He is always helping me to be the best that I can be. He pushed me to become better. He helped me to become happy.

Now, I want you to know the importance of setting a positive mind. You must remember this: 

If you will not set your mind, negative thoughts will set it for you. YOU CAN BE HAPPY. Get up and find something to be grateful for. ALWAYS expect positive things will happen. Remember this: God will not put you in a situation if it is not for your own good. You'll get hurt but never lose hope. Never lose faith. He has better plans for you. Stay positive and always stay with Him.


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