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Jul 29, 2015

Take Control. Be Happy

Unknown     7/29/2015  No comments

Maybe you are wondering how you can control your happiness. I am here to share some things that will help you realize that you can really control it. You can definitely control some things for you to be happy.

First, stop trying to please others. Do something good not because you are doing it out of guilt. You might have this kind of friend, who is always having financial problems, always having an emergency and it is you who always rescue him. Once, twice or five times is enough. But soon you will realize, you are not really helping that person. You are actually hurting him.

I am not a rich person but I always want to be a helping hand to others. I love helping people as long I can. If my friend needs me, I make sure that I am always there. I have a soft heart and it breaks my heart to see someone cry, sad or lonely. I want to be there for them, all the time. But I know how to set boundaries. I am not their savior. We already have OUR SAVIOR.

You, as a good person, who loves to help others as well, you should remember this: As long as you keep on rescuing that person for a hundred times, you are NOT helping him. You are facilitating his being dysfunctional. If he asks for help, you refused, wasn't able to meet his needs and he got angry, then he is not a real friend. He is a manipulator. He controls you. You are his puppet. Cut it out. Stop being a puppet. Start being happy.

Be good and help others but learn to say no. Learn how to set boundaries. By doing that, you help them to be free. You are helping them to know their potentials. You are pushing them to be responsible and do the rights things.

Remember, you are not responsible for someone's happiness. You are responsible for your own happiness. Don't forget to say this, "I love you but I will not let you control me."


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