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Aug 24, 2015

Yamaha GP One Make Race: A Disappointing Yet Exciting Wet Race

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Yamaha Grand Prix: One Make Race

Photography By: Boinky Photography

One of the most awaited racing events this year was held yesterday, August 23 at SM City Baliwag, Bulacan. 

I am really thankful and blessed because I had the opportunity to witness the event. It was an honor to watch the best riders in the Philippines and cheer for your favorite expert rider . 

There were three previous race legs held recently. The first leg was held last March 29 at SM Santa Rosa. The second leg was held in Capitol Grounds Malaybalay City last June 14. The third one was held last July 12 in Baywalk City, Naga Cebu. The fourth one happened yesterday.

At around 2:30PM, it began to rain. That was the first time I witnessed a motorcycle race in that kind of weather. I was really nervous because we all know how dangerous it is to race on a wet road.

The race started dry until rain fell in the afternoon and I was waiting for the officials to red-flag the race but they didn't. Rain or shine, the event went on and on and on.

The last part, which was the Sniper 150 Open Underbone finals was my favorite part. I have my three favorite expert riders on that specific round: Masato Fernando of Yamaha Spec V Racing Team and the Soyangco brothers; Neil Soyangco and Tracy Soyangco of Sum Racing - Replica Pro Team.

The three of them are prominent underbone riders and popular in motorcycle road racing industry. I was really impressed during the qualifying rounds and I was really excited to witness the final round.

Unfortunately, my excitement turned into a huge disappointment. I was screaming out loud and I did not like what I saw. I thought "rigged fights" are just in beauty pageants or any other entertainment contests.
Tracy Soyangco is the one in the middle.
In the sports industry, the last rigged fight that I witnessed was the Pacquiao-Mayweather fight. Yesterday, I was disappointed to witness those unfair riders.

I understand if it was just a part of their strategy. I was just really affected because I have huge respect on them. I am not a sports analyst or an expert sports critic but I will let you see it for yourself. We all have our own opinion. Respect. *wink*

You can watch the video here -> Inside Racing Magazine

By the way, here are the winners of YAMAHA GP One Make Race Sniper 150 Open Underbone Finals:

1st Place - Masato Fernando of YAMAHA Spec V Racing Team
2nd Pace - James Mendez, of YAMAHA Spec V Racing Team
3rd Place - Romer Corbe of Gulf Racing Team
4th Place - Tracy Soyangco of Sum Racing - Replica Pro Team

The fifth and last leg will happen this coming September 27, 2015 in Carmona Race Track in Rizal.

See you there!

by: Jan Paula



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