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Aug 20, 2015

Zodiac Signs with Business and Money

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Money and Business by Sign: Aries 

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Famous Financially Rich Aries Man: 
Amancio Ortega - Spanish fashion Businessman and founding chairman of the Inditex fashion group. Net worth - USD $66.4 billion

Famous Wealthy Aries Woman:
Mariah Carey - American singer, songwriter, record producer, and occasional actress. Net worth: 500 million USD.

The impulsive sign of the Ram tends to be somewhat careless with your finances, but that isn’t always a bad thing. Competitive by nature, Aries want to earn a good living, but they aren’t driven by money the way some signs are. Aries balances intellect with a wild streak — which seems to apply to this sign’s financial prowess. Aries is the sign most likely to save a substantial pile of cash, and then proceed to spend it freely. Aries also need a fast-paced, challenging career that keeps them engaged, and if it happens to come with financial perks, so much the better.

Saving money can be an issue for Aries, since they’re all about impulse buys and aren’t one to follow a careful budget. But since Aries are quick on their feet, they’re better able than most to bounce back from financial setbacks. Aries might switch jobs often, especially in the early days of their career. This could have an adverse impact on Aries finances, but it could also lead them toward some lucrative opportunities.

Aries are attracted to risky, aggressive investment strategies, especially those that promise a quick profit. Beware of get-rich-quick schemes that seem highly attractive in the moment but may not work out in the long run.

Zodiac Signs Money, Business, Investments:

Money and Business by Sign: Taurus 

Famous Financially Rich Taurus Man:
Dietrich Mateschitz - co-founder of the Red Bull energy drink company and holds 49 percent of the company's shares. Net Worth: 12 billion USD

Famous Wealthy Taurus Woman:
Cher - American singer, actress, and fashion icon. Net Worth: 360 million USD

The loyal, dedicated sign of the Bull is a natural hard worker and excellent earner. Taurus’s love of the finer things in life makes this astrological sign the spendthrift of the zodiac. Not only does Taurus love luxury, their generous nature makes it easy for them to plunk down some serious coin to give loved ones extravagant gifts, too.

 Of course, Taureans are so loyal — not to mention prone to getting stuck in a comfortable rut — that they might stick with a particular job for a long time, even one that is low-paying or doesn’t offer much in the way of advancement opportunities. On the plus side, Tauruses' practical nature makes them good at saving money. Tauruses enjoy splurging when they can afford it, but they don’t mind tightening their budget when they need to. Taurus will feel better knowing they have a nest egg in the bank, and they’ll happily work hard toward that goal. Taureans are attracted to sound, rather conservative investment strategies that promise to pay off nicely over the long term. Taurus may be particularly successful with real estate investments.

Zodiac Signs Money, Business, Investments:

Money and Business by Sign: Gemini

Famous Financially Rich Gemini Man:
Donald Trump - American real estate developer, television personality, politician, and author. Net worth: 4 billion USD.

Famous Wealthy Gemini Woman:
Christy Ruth Walton - Her net worth is 35 billion, and the world's leading female philanthropist according to the amount she gives as a percentage of her wealth.

Geminis are prone to making impulse buys — they sometimes just want to pursue their interests and whims, and aren’t generally concerned with being frugal. For that reason, saving money can be an issue, unless Gemini happen to be in a practical mood. The good news is, Geminis are both optimistic and quick on their feet, making it easier for them than for most to bounce back from financial setbacks.

The financial health of Gemini is as unpredictable. Gemini has the ability to save a tidy pile of cash without ever being tempted to spend it on something unimportant. While you may not find Gemini squandering their money on knick-knacks or trivial goods, Gemini is prone to gambling with their cash. Whether it’s playing the stock market, hitting the casino, or engaging in a game of cards, some of history’s biggest risk takers such as Donald Trump and gambler Wild Bill Hickok.

Gemini's many and varied interests may cause them to switch jobs often, which can have an adverse impact on their finances, but their natural optimism keeps them from worrying unduly about maintaining a reliable, steady income. Plus, Geminis are so clever and dynamic that they tend to have plenty of lucrative schemes up their sleeve, so they’ll rarely find themselves in a serious pinch. On the other hand, Geminis may do well to work with a financial advisor, accountant or partner who is willing to take a more practical approach to managing their finances than Geminis might on their own.

Zodiac Signs Money, Business, Investments:

Money and Business by Sign: Cancer 

Famous Financially Rich Cancer Man:
Charles Branson - English businessman and investor. He is best known as the founder of Virgin Group, which comprises more than 400 companies. Net worth: 4.9 billion USD.

Famous Wealthy Cancer Woman:
Charlene de Carvalho-Heineken: A Dutch-English businesswoman and the owner of a controlling interest in the world's third-largest brewer, Heineken International.She is worth of $11 billion according to Forbes.

The sign of the Crab is all about establishing financial security and providing for themselves and their family. Cancerians are willing to work hard, even at a job they don’t especially enjoy, in order to make a solid, reliable income. Cancerians are one of the most adept signs of the Zodiac when it comes to building up a nest egg; they simply feel more relaxed and secure when they know that they have something to fall back on if something unexpected occurs. Thus, Cancerians aren’t one to splurge impulsively, but when they do spend their money, they enjoy purchasing well-made, valuable items, such as antique furniture for their home.

Despite being ruled by the moon and affected by shifting tides, Cancer is actually pretty even-keel when it comes to their financial health. They save quite regularly and spend on just the essentials.

Cancerians are also attracted to investing in real estate, since a good, solid home is truly where their heart is. A good rule of thumb for Cancerians is to trust theirr instincts when it comes to investments and other financial opportunities. Their gut should steer them well, helping them avoid overly risky ventures in favor of ones that are safer and more promising.

Zodiac Signs Money, Business, Investments:

Money and Business by Sign: Leo

Famous Financially Rich Leo Man:
Larry Ellison - American programmer, internet entrepreneur, businessman and philanthropist. Net worth: 56.2 billion.

Famous Wealthy Leo Woman:
 J. K. Rowling - British novelist best known as the author of the Harry Potter fantasy series. She is worth 1 billion USD.

When it comes to financial prowess, Leo is the king of the astrological jungle and unparalleled in their ability to budget, save, spend, and bargain hunt — all while still looking like a million dollars.

Leos have an interesting relationship with money. They have a taste for luxury, and they enjoy treating themselves to whatever catches their eye — which often means top-dollar or designer items. Leos also enjoy gifting their loved ones with unexpected treats like jewelry, a new outfit or a meal at their favorite restaurant. In short, Leos are somewhat impulsive in how they spend their money. It’s a good thing, then, that they’re also rather competitive, ambitious and driven to earn a good living. Saving money can be an issue for Leos, since they have champagne tastes; on the other hand, Leo's natural dedication and staying power push them to work hard at their career. Their income, investment portfolio and retirement accounts should reflect these qualities by improving over time.

Leos might enjoy investing in valuables like gold or fine jewelry, but you also enjoy creative strategies that pay off over the long term.

Zodiac Signs Money, Business, Investments:

Money and Business by Sign: Virgo 

Famous Financially Rich Virgo Man: 
Warren Buffet - CEO and biggest shareholder of Berkshire Hathaway and has a net worth of $58.5 billion USD.

Famous Wealthy Virgo Woman: 
Beyonce - estimated net worth is $450 million.

Virgo is naturally practical, cautious and hardworking, and Virgos tend to take a similar approach to their finances. Thus, building up their savings, setting up retirement accounts and making other plans for the future shouldn’t be a problem for them. But though Virgos are also hard workers, they may or may not have a high income. Since Virgos tend to be quite selfless, they might stay with a low-paying job if they feel they’re really making a difference or helping someone in need. As for investments, Virgos don’t jump into any opportunity without first doing careful research. They are attracted to sound, rather conservative strategies that promise to pay off over the long term.

Virgos, don’t be afraid to take the occasional calculated risk, however. Knowing you, you’ll make an excellent choice based on extensive and detailed research.

In terms of finances, Virgo does very well with real estate — whether it’s selling real estate, investment properties, flipping houses, or acting as a landlord / landlady.

Zodiac Signs Money, Business, Investments:

Money and Business by Sign: Libra 

Famous Financially Rich Libra Man:
Ralph Lauren - American fashion designer, philanthropist, and business executive with a net worth of 8 billion USD.

Famous Wealthy Libra Woman: 
Liliane Bettencourt a French heiress, socialite, businesswoman and philanthropist. She is one of the principal shareholders of L'Oréal and is the 10th richest person in the world with a net worth of US$ 40.1 billion.

Libra, represented by the scales, takes a very balanced approach to their finances: Libras spend a little, save a little. Libra is always saving for a rainy day, but also knows when it’s time to take a step back and enjoy the fruits of their labor. Libra has a wild side and loves to use their finances to bankroll their next adventure and drag a loved one along with them on their journey. Like fellow air sign Gemini, Libra is a calculated risk taker, and like Taurus (also ruled by the Venus) Libra enjoys using their savings to orchestrate surprises for their special someone.

Still, Libras love splurging on the many things they enjoy, including artwork, fine food, stylish clothing and more. Libra especially enjoys treating themselves and their friends to pleasures like an evening out on the town or a meal at a great, lively restaurant. In short, Libra might end up spending a good portion of their income on personal luxuries, such as stylish clothes, a nice car, or artwork and other items to beautify their home. As far as investments go, Libras might enjoy investing in art or other creative areas. Libra can be rather indecisive, however, so they should not try to let solid investment opportunities pass them by as they struggle to make up their mind about whether to proceed. Since Libras work well in partnerships, they should consider hiring a trustworthy financial advisor who can steer them toward lucrative opportunities.

Zodiac Signs Money, Business, Investments:

Money and Business by Sign: Scorpio 

Famous Financially Rich Scorpio Man:
Bill Gates - American business head, guru, programmer, inventor and humanitarian and also the ex-CEO of Microsoft. He is currently the richest person in the world with a net worth of 72 billion USD.

Famous Wealthy Scorpio Woman:
Laurene Powell Jobs - American business executive with a net worth of 21.5 billion.

The always-intriguing Scorpio always has money on their minds. Saving isn't necessarily Scorpio’s strong suit. However, their inventive minds make them financial wizards when it comes to get-rich-quick schemes, or using their keen sense of analysis and preternatural intuition to observe market trends and make quick wins.

For the sign of the Scorpion, building up their financial profile is all about following their sharp instincts. Furthermore, money tends to come easily for Scorpios, since the sign Scorpio is associated with financial windfalls and inheritance. Scorpios are also rather competitive by nature, making them more likely than some to make a good income.

As for investments, Scorpio's shrewd instincts tend to lead them toward rather aggressive strategies, but not ones that they would jump into capriciously. Rather, Scorpios wait patiently until it is just the right time to make their move. Scorpio also tends to be somewhat secretive, so they might keep secret stashes of cash around their home, or hold investments or savings accounts that they keep hidden even from their spouse. In general, Scorpios tends to be adept at planning for the future, since they don’t want unexpected circumstances in finances to catch them by surprise. Scorpio is better able than most to transform an unfavorable situation into a profitable one, purely based on instinct.

Zodiac Signs Money, Business, Investments:

Money and Business by Sign: Sagittarius

Famous Financially Rich Sagittarius Man:
Steven Spielberg - American director, producer and screenwriter. Net Worth: 3.6 billion.

Famous Wealthy Sagittarius Woman:
Anne Cox Chambers - American media proprietor, who has a stake of interest in Cox Enterprises, a privately held media empire that includes newspapers, television, radio, cable television, and other businesses.She has a net worth of 17.3 billion.

Sagittarius has a strong work ethic and zero qualms about rolling up his or her sleeves and putting in a hard day’s work. This fire sign is passionate about what they do for a living. They spend judiciously,purchasing items of quality or great usefulness. The financial health of Sagittarius is typically good since they are quite good at socking away a sizeable amount of cash and make careful spending choices.

Since the sign of the Archer is ruled by Jupiter, the planet of luck, it should come as no surprise that Sagittarius loves a gamble — and can often be quite lucky when it comes to earning or even winning cash. On the other hand, when it comes to savings and investments, Sagittarians aren’t the most practical sign in the Zodiac. They tend to switch jobs a lot, especially when they’re younger, so working their way up the career ladder may take time, at the expense of their financial profile. Generally speaking, Sagittarius have an easy-come, easy-go relationship with money, and they don’t tend to worry over much during lean times, since they always feel optimistic that money will come their way when they need it. The good news is, Saggitarius are quick on their feet, making it easy to bounce back from financial setbacks — and they’re often correct in assuming that money will be there for them when it’s needed.

Zodiac Signs Money, Business, Investments:

Money by Sign: Capricorn 

Famous Financially Rich Capricorn Man:
Roy Edward Disney - a longtime senior executive for The Walt Disney Company, which his father Roy Oliver Disney and his uncle Walt Disney founded. Net Worth: 1.2 billion USD.

Famous Wealthy Capricorn Woman:
Eva Gonda de Rivera - Mexican businesswoman who owns a major stake in the FEMSA beverage corporation, which operates convenience stores and bottling plants across Mexico and Latin America. She is worth 7.4 billion USD.

Grounded earth sign Capricorn is almost always financially well-off. They save smart and spend smart, thinking before they leap. The words “impulse purchase” do not exist in Capricorn’s vocabulary. They do, however, have a love of luxury and will not hesitate to drop some dough on a tasteful item of apparel or furniture. Capricorn is a hard worker with a sense of community responsibility and a strong, charitable streak.

Being ambitious, competitive and a hard worker, the sign of the Goat is likely to make a good income, especially later in life, after they’ve had time to work their way up the career ladder. It’s simply in Capricorn's nature to keep striving for advancement, and their financial profile reflects this quality. Capricorns are also quite practical by nature, making them a natural at saving money. In fact, those close to them might accuse them of being a little too frugal, since they aren’t ones to make frivolous impulse buys, and Capricorns may not place a high priority on personal pleasures like new clothes or eating out. Capricorns do enjoy spending their money on items that reflect their success, such as an impressive car or high-quality items for their home. When it comes to investments, they’re attracted to conservative strategies that promise long-term rewards. Capricorns shouldn't be afraid to take a well-calculated risk from time to time, as the payoff may well be worth it.

Zodiac Signs Money, Business, Investments:

Money by Sign: Aquarius 

Famous Financially Rich Aquarius Man:
Carlos Slim Helu - business tycoon, mogul, and philanthropist with a net worth of 65.6 billion USD.

Famous Financially Rich Aquarius Woman:
Elizabeth Anne Holmes - American entrepreneur and CEO of Theranos, which she founded in 2003 at age 19. She is worth 4.6 billion.

Aquarius has the rare quality of being a visionary and an entrepreneur. Don’t let their dreamy, poetic side fool you: Aquarius has a way to take their passion and carve out not just a career for themselves, but to create opportunities around them for others, too. This sign can make and stockpile money like Ebenezer Scrooge, but they also happen to be very generous with those around them. Oprah Winfrey exemplifies this generous, entrepreneurial aspect of Aquarius — taking her drive, ambition, and love for sharing with others to form a media empire.

The sign of the Water Bearer is quite a dedicated hard worker, when they’re involved in meaningful work that they enjoy. Thus, Aquarians stand to make a good income, if they happen to be interested in pursuing a field that offers income and advancement opportunities. Of course, Aquarians tend to donate a good portion of their hard-earned money to charities or causes they believe in. It’s hard for Aquarius folks to watch others living in poverty while they live in comfort, and they aren’t ones to jealously guard their hard-earned cash, so sharing their wealth comes naturally to them. As for investments, Aquarius are most attracted to unique, inventive strategies that others might think are too risky or just plain out-there — but they’re savvy enough to know which ones will pay off over time, such as a friend’s start-up company or some other potential long shot.

Zodiac Signs Money, Business, Investments:

Money by Sign: Pisces

Famous Financially Rich Pisces Man:
Bernard Arnault - administrator and CEO of LVMH (makers of Louis Vuitton) since 1989. Forbes stacked up him the fifth wealthiest individual on the planet with a total asset of $29 billion USD.

Famous Wealthy Pisces Woman: 
 Rihanna - Barbadian singer, actress, songwriter and fashion designer. Net worth: 90 million USD.

When Pisces puts their mind to it, they can amass a sizeable amount of cash.

However, this “go with the flow” sign is prone to impulse shopping. The sign of the Fish isn’t very practical when it comes to finances. Pisces also possess a very tender heart, making it all too easy for them to get stuck in situations where they’re paying more than they can afford, to support someone else as well as themselves.

Of all of the zodiac signs, Pisces is the one that may benefit the most from a financial advisor. Given some direction, Pisces can learn to rein in their spending habits and create a small fortune or tidy retirement fund for themselves. ince Pisceans tend to have a loose, unrealistic relationship with money — they might even be the type to ignore consumer debt or other problems, as if that will make them disappear — it may be smart for Pisces to work with an accountant or financial advisor. Just be sure to find someone trustworthy who can give them sound advice about how to spend and invest their cash. Pisces, don’t let anyone take financial advantage of your idealistic, compassionate nature.

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