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Sep 20, 2015

#MustRead: A Columnist Reveals "ABS-CBN's Desperate, Shocking and Dirty Secrets."

Unknown     9/20/2015  No comments

According to Mr. Paul Agabin, the founder and CEO of, a blogger is the voice of the universe. And as a blogger, I want to share these screenshots of a "concerned citizen" about a columnist who revealed ABS-CBN's desperate, shocking and dirty secrets (sorry for those negative adjectives). It's all over the internet. I read it twice, but honestly, I don't know how and what to react.

After reading everything, I am totally speechless. Not because I believed it or what. Not because I'm on ABS-CBN's side or GMA's side. I simply don't want to judge anyone because we don't have the right to do such thing. I like both networks and I really appreciate their shows.

GMA Films President, Annette Gozon-Abrogar, was interviewed in Tim Yap Show a few days ago. She was asked about her favorite type of show that she really wants to share that everyone will love at the same time. Specific types of shows are drama, comedy, action and more. But she boldly said, "It is my dream to do more inspirational shows." 

We are all aware that the success of AlDub is an accident. We are not sure about what's really going on, but I am sure of one thing: Everything is God's will. 

I may not give my direct opinion about this (because I really don't have one), I still wish both networks success and happiness. Whether it is true or not, let's pray for everyone. Don't waste your time bashing and fighting. Remember: Those shows and celebrities must influence and inspire you in a positive and good way. Let us never forget our priorities in life.

I want to hear your comments about this. Feel free to share this, too. :)



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