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Oct 24, 2015

Hurricane Patricia: The Strongest Hurricane in History Hits Mexico (WITH CREEPY VIDEO)

Unknown     10/24/2015  No comments

Hurricane Patricia - The strongest hurricane ever recorded hits Mexico.

There has never been a hurricane anywhere in the world that has reached wind speeds of 325 kilometers per hour. It also registered 8.3 on the Dvorak intensity scale, and the scale technically goes up to 8.0 only. It totally went over and beyond in a dreadful way.

Yesterday, Mexico has declared a state of emergency and asking people to evacuate, but many people were stuck because all flights has been canceled.

The President of Mexico has warned people to stay indoors. Authorities also say that the storm is so huge and so intense, it could possibly destroy much of the country.

Thousands of people are already in Mexico's evacuation shelters. Though it's not clear how bad things are yet, authorities are now making sure that everyone is safe.

Back in 2013, more than 6000 people died in Super Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines, but Patricia is obviously stronger and more intense than Haiyan.

I am encouraging everyone to please PRAY for Mexico. And to all the people in Mexico, my prayers are with you. Just hold on and keep the faith. God knows what He is doing.

Listen to the creepy sound of the wind!

God bless Mexico!


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