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Oct 29, 2015

TELSTRA Philippines: NOT 100% SURE

Unknown     10/29/2015  No comments

Telstra Corporation Limited (known as Telstra) is Australia's largest telecommunications and media company which builds and operates telecommunications networks and markets voice, mobile, internet access, pay television and other entertainment products and services.

Social Media has been bombarded by different posts about the huge coming of Telstra here in the Philippines. Here are just some common posts in the internet today:

"Telstra is coming in the Philippines!" 
"Oh yeah! Poor Globe, Smart and PLDT. Telstra is coming!" 
"Yay! Telstra is giving away free sim cards with 100mbps!"

 I WAS really excited as well when I heard the news. but my excitement turned into sadness and I feel a little frustrated after getting in touch with someone from Telstra. 

"We note recent speculation concerning Telstra considering an investment in a wireless joint venture in the Philippines with San Miguel Corporation and that financing is being sought in relation to that joint venture. We are in discussions in relation to these matters. However, no agreements have been reached in relation to these matters and there is no certainty that this will occur. All we know at this stage is that there have been talks, but there is nothing at all been decided" - TELSTRA

There is also a trending post nationwide about Telstra giving away sim cards with 100mbps. This is a hoax, The Facebook page Telstra Philippines who started this is not legit. According to Telstra, it is now under investigation.

Telstra's website is and their Facebook page is Telstra 24x7.

Though it's not 100% sure yet, let's still hope and pray. People who work online absolutely need this. Service providers in our country are always giving us headaches. Whether Telstra is coming or not, I hope they'll improve their services. Let this be a warning to all of you. (I hope.)



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