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Mar 11, 2016

Spotted in Bulacan: A Simple Resort Turns Into A WOW RESORT!

Unknown     3/11/2016  8 comments

When I was in grade school, I used to be a feature writer in my school's newspaper. I once featured a resort in my hometown - Villa Lorenzo Resort, one of my favorite hangouts when I was a child because of it's popularity and it's entertaining, yet laid-back ambiance.

Just like any other typical resorts, it was indeed a happy place for a child like me. I was not even a teenager back then. All I can remember is, I loved it because of their pools and slides - that's all.

Well, that was a long time ago. Almost 20 years ago.

2016 -  I couldn't imagine that I'm now writing another article about the same resort. This time, I was not obliged and paid to write. I was not forced to submit an article for my school's newspaper anymore. I am now writing this because of two reasons - First, I was astonished and excitement really hit me. Second, they deserve to be featured.

Villa Lorenzo Resort 

I recently went back to this place for my nephew's birthday and I was really surprised.

It's not the typical and simple resort with pools and slides that I used to know. It was renovated and everything was spruced up splendidly. Can you imagine yourself having a pool party here while they play The Chainsmoker's Roses? That's a big sigh a with a big smile, eh? Sounds cool and relaxing.

morning shots (c: Joy Faith Trajano)

They once had an event called Glow in the Neon Pool Party 2015, with Wowowee's DJ Coki.

Next, I will show you one of my family's favorites. - Villa Lorenzo's KTV Room. 

photo credit: Joy Faith Trajano
They always go here to drink and sing their hearts out. There are various types of KTV rooms in the area, but my cousins are musicians and they have an eye for stuff like this. They are really maselan and they don't like a karaoke or any sound system that needs a lot of fine-tuning. In short, Villa Lorenzo's KTV room definitely passed their strict taste. They often go here not to swim, but to relax, drink and rock the place. #highlyrecommended

Well, as I have mentioned, this place deserves to be featured. Villa Lorenzo Resort is already a well-known resort in Pulilan, Bulacan, but not everyone knows it's hidden spot. 

First, I'd like to give you a quick background. The resort has now a different owner. He renovated the place lavishly and it is now absolutely impressive. 

It has now a breathtaking private villa that was once featured  and aired in national TV.

Villa Lorenzo's Private Villa

These photos will speak for themselves.

Take a look at these stunning morning shots by Joy Faith Trajano:

I am not exaggerating, but this place looks better in person, especially at night! Yes, it looks really good in photos, but you should see it for yourself and you'll understand what I mean. 

I have their contact numbers for you, just in case you want to inquire about their rates.



They also have a restaurant, with great food and excellent ambiance.

Little Jose Bistro

They also have a convention center. Superb, right?

 So there, what can you say? Is there anyone out there who knows this place? Feel free to post your comment/review/feedback.


Jan Paula Plamenco



  1. Grabe! Ganito na pala kaganda sa Villa? It was like 6 years ago since last nagpunta din kami jan Ate Pau! BTW, schoolmates tayo sa SDA, batchmate ko si jopet at ali. :)

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