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Mar 24, 2017

Student Driver’s License Requirements and Steps Philippines 2017

Unknown     3/24/2017  4 comments

Student Driver’s License Requirements and Steps Philippines 2017

Hi guys! It's been a long time!

Well, I'd like to make this blog short yet informative.

Here's my experience:

I went to the nearest LTO branch and brought the requirements needed.  Almost everything is on the internet now, so instead of going back and forth or ask people, I just googled it.

Based on my research, I need these:

1. birth certificate original and photo copy
2. Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN), if employed
3. Filled out driver's license application

However, they didn't ask for the photo copy of my birth cert. It should be the original NSO copy.

And FYI guys, please don't forget to bring your marriage certificate if you are married. They'll ask for the photo copy of it.

I was also asked to have a medical certificate for my eyesight and hearing. They instructed me to proceed to the clinic beside their office. I paid 230pesos for it. 

I was asked to read numbers 3 and 9

and also these :P

Summary of requirements:

1. Original NSO birth certificate
2.  Photo copy of marriage certificate (if married)
3. Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN), if employed
4. Filled out driver's license application
5. Medical Certificate


1. Proceed to the customer service counter/public assistance desk and secure a driver’s license application form. The evaluator will check your requirements and will give you a queue number. Wait for your number to be called.

2. Once your number is called, go to Window 1 and the evaluator will take your requirements. Sit down and wait for the next step.

3.When your name is called, proceed to Window 2 where your photo and signature will be taken. Sit down again and wait patiently.^^


4. When your name is called again, go to Window 3 (cashier) and pay the fee which is 317.83php. The cashier will ask you to sit again and wait. No need to wait for your receipt yet, if you're applying for a student permit as per the cashier. (Don't worry, you'll have it afterwards.)

5. Wait your name to be called and proceed to the releasing counter and tadah! Your permit is ready.^^

Here's the updated fees as of 2017.

You can go back after a month to get your non-pro license.

 Everything went smoothly and I got mine in less than an hour. Thanks, LTO! Cheers everyone!

Drive safely!

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  1. May kakilala po ako 2times na siyang nakakuha ng students license. If in case pwede na po niyang i-nonpro yun kung sakali?

  2. The license should get those who are responsible for their actions! Otherwise, they could be dangerous for the pedestrians!

  3. I can say that the requirements for the driving license in Philippines are not the same like the requirements in Europe. I wonder why?


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