April Fools! Twitter User Bitcoin Whitepaper Hoax on iPhones Exposed

It’s Only an April Fools Joke: Bitcoin Whitepaper Is Not on Every Iphone

In a playful twist of events, a Twitter user going by the name @Zhuowei initially captivated the online community by suggesting that the bitcoin whitepaper was hidden within the iOS source code on iPhones. Let’s explore how this whimsical tale unfolded:

On April 1, 2021, April Fools’ Day, @Zhuowei posted a tweet that set off a flurry of excitement. He confidently declared that the bitcoin whitepaper could be found on every iPhone. To support his assertion, he even shared a screenshot of the whitepaper appearing on an iPhone screen, supposedly obtained by scanning a QR code using the Camera app. @Zhuowei further fueled the intrigue by mentioning his use of a technique called “steganography” to cleverly reveal the whitepaper within an image file.

However, as the story unfolded, a different truth emerged. Vigilant experts and astute Twitter users promptly uncovered the ruse, exposing the falsehoods in @Zhuowei’s claims. They pointed out that the shared screenshot lacked authenticity and provided no substantiation of the whitepaper’s presence in the iOS source code. Furthermore, they clarified that the concept of steganography being applied to QR codes was flawed, as QR codes are specifically engineered to withstand distortions and noise.

Apple, the esteemed creator of iPhones, also stepped forward to put the matter to rest. Denying any validity to the claims, an Apple representative affirmed that there was no embedded Bitcoin whitepaper within the iOS system. The screenshot shared by @Zhuowei was unequivocally deemed a fabrication.

As the wave of skepticism grew, @Zhuowei, the mastermind behind the spectacle, graciously acknowledged the prank. With good humor and sincerity, he confessed that his tweet had been an April Fools’ Day jest all along. Admitting to the creation of the counterfeit screenshot using tools like Photoshop and a QR code generator, he expressed remorse for any confusion or inconvenience caused.

Thus, what initially appeared as a compelling connection between the bitcoin whitepaper and Steve Jobs, the late co-founder of Apple, turned out to be an elaborate ruse crafted by @Zhuowei. The notion of the whitepaper’s ubiquity on iPhones was a delightful illusion that captivated minds for a fleeting moment.

In this age of information, it is essential to approach sensational claims with a discerning eye, particularly during occasions like April Fools’ Day. As the dust settles on this whimsical tale, we can now appreciate the ingenuity of @Zhuowei’s prank and savor the laughter it brought us.

Rich Pinay