Debunking the iConspiracy: 3 Reasons Why Satoshi Nakamoto IS NOT Steve Jobs

In the realm of cryptocurrency, the identity of Bitcoin’s mysterious creator, Satoshi Nakamoto, has sparked wild theories and intriguing speculations. Among the amusing claims is the idea that the late Apple legend, Steve Jobs, could have been the enigmatic Satoshi. While it may seem like an entertaining notion, let’s explore three reasons why Steve Jobs is definitely not the elusive Satoshi Nakamoto.

#1 Reason Steve Jobs Is Not Satoshi Nakamoto, the Bitcoin Creator

First and foremost, let’s talk about the timeline. Steve Jobs passed away in October 2011, while Satoshi Nakamoto was still actively involved until April 2011. Unless we’ve stumbled upon the tech industry’s best-kept secret for posthumous coding, it’s safe to say that Jobs wouldn’t be sending emails as Satoshi from beyond the grave. Even the most dedicated Apple fans would agree that this is one iCloud feature that’s yet to be discovered!

#2 Cryptography Not His Apple Core: Why Steve Jobs is Not the Bitcoin Founder

When we think of Steve Jobs, we envision sleek Apple products and the epitome of user-friendly technology. However, cryptography and digital currencies weren’t on his list of passion projects. Jobs focused on creating elegant and accessible products for the masses, not diving into the complex world of blockchain and encryption. He is first and foremost a designer. The idea of Jobs crafting Bitcoin in his garage feels about as likely as Apple releasing the iCoin 13.

#3 The iGuru and Coding Conundrum: The Bitcoin Founder is Not Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs, the visionary behind Apple’s groundbreaking products, was undoubtedly a prominent figure in the tech industry. As the driving force behind iPhones, Macs, and iPads, he captured the world’s attention with his revolutionary designs. However, when it comes to coding, Jobs took a different approach. He entrusted the programming tasks to the talented engineers and developers at Apple, relying on their expertise to bring his visionary ideas to life. Unlike the mastermind behind Bitcoin, Jobs did not possess the coding skills or the in-depth knowledge of advanced cryptography and networking necessary to create such a groundbreaking digital currency. In the world of cryptocurrency, the genius of Satoshi Nakamoto required a unique blend of technical prowess and cryptographic expertise, traits that were not characteristic of the iGuru himself. Besides, if Jobs had indeed been the creator of Bitcoin, it’s hard to imagine him keeping such a monumental achievement under wraps. With his influential persona and desire for recognition, he would have had a compelling incentive to proudly reveal his identity and bask in the glory of revolutionizing the financial landscape.

While it’s nice to imagine Steve Jobs secretly moonlighting as the Bitcoin founder Satoshi Nakamoto, these reasons show that the iConspiracy holds little weight. The timeline mismatch and Jobs’ lack of interest in cryptography, his focus on design, delegation, and lack of coding expertise makes it highly unlikely that he was the enigmatic Satoshi Nakamoto.

Rich Pinay