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Apr 2, 2017

The Best Driving School in Bulacan: My Rev Up Experience

Unknown     4/02/2017  12 comments

My husband once said, "Driving is not a joke, not merely stop and go, and not easy as 1-2-3. The moment you start driving, you'll be responsible for someone's life and your own life. Please remember that." 

He advised me to take a driving lesson since he's working overseas and he's not here to teach me. I started looking for a driving school online, read all the reviews and picked one. I found their Facebook page and sent them a private message.

So ayun, the admin replied in a professional and friendly manner. We talked about their location, fees, and whatnot.

I went to their office in Plaridel to enroll and another friendly Customer Service Representative assisted me.

This is their CSR, Ms. Jean Paula (My katukayo!) You can call her Jean.  The guy on the right side is Sir Igor, also known as Sir I, their senior instructor.

My first driving lesson started the day after I enrolled.

  • You need to be very careful in choosing a driving school since there are many driving schools who are honestly useless (what a waste of money) and you'll not learn how to drive. I mean, really learn.
  • You also need to be mindful in reading reviews. Check if the comments and reviews are legit. Research, read, research, read, repeat. That's the key. 

Why am I blogging my experience with Rev Up? You're right. I want to help others. I don't want you to just take the risk like what I did. 

Honestly, I didn't know they won the Top Choice Driving School in Bulacan 2017 (photos below). Now I know why they won!

I'd like to give you an assurance this time. And I am assuring you that you will not waste your money if you choose Rev Up. 

In short, I want to make your life a lot easier. Lol 

Trust me, you will really learn on your first day and they will definitely focus on defensive driving. Your safety is really on top of their priority and I must say that they will absolutely give justice to their line/slogan/trademark whatever:

"Don't just drive, do it defensively!
Your safety is on top of our priority."


OA na kung OA, exagge na kung exagge, but my instructors really impressed me.

Sir I was my instructor on my first and last day.
We used their Kia Picanto for my automatic transmission course.

We went to their driving course in Bocaue. And tadah! I learned a lot on my first day!

Sir I is a patient instructor, professional, very knowledgeable and cool. He knows what he is doing and I think he knows how to connect with his student. He believed in me (I think).  We really had a productive day and yeah, I hit the road back to their office with him as my passenger. (That was from Bocaue to Plaridel, with traffic, mga sumisingit na motor, and all.) It was stressful, but definitely worth it. That was an achievement! Lol I was so happy when I got home and really proud of what I did. OA??? Hahaha

Anyway, my other superb instructor was Ms. Cory. She has great interpersonal skills, accommodating, professional and very knowledgeable as well. She is also the operations manager and the only female senior instructor.
with Ms. Cory :) You know what happened to my hair? Well, actually, I did a bun, and just based on my sitting position, she knew how uncomfortable I was because of my hair. She's very straight forward and advised me to remove the bun. She said, "Hayaan mo na muna yung itsura mo, tayo lang naman nasa loob, walang makakakita sayo." Lol I love her!

We didn't have a decent picture together, so I grabbed a photo from their page. And by the way, this is their training car if you'll have a manual transmission course.

Ms. Cory with another student. I didn't get any permission to post this picture, so please don't sue me. Huhuhu. This was posted publicly on their page though. Peace! Lablab <3

Ms. Cory loves procedures and she knows how to explain things in a comprehensive way.

Way to go, Ms. Cory! :)

 So ayun, overall, I'd like to give them 5 stars.

Here are some facts about Rev Up:

 1. They have offices in Balagtas and Plaridel, Bulacan.
  • Plaridel Branch: In front of Waltermart, Plaridel. Beside Mcdonald's.
  • Balagtas Branch: Borol 1st, Balagtas, Bulacan (Beside RCBC)

2. They have weekend and weekday sessions.

3. It was founded on July 2013.

4. Owned by Dr. Jonathan M. Calalang (sole proprietor).

5. First office was established in Sta. Maria, Bulacan, followed by Balagtas, and lastly in Plaridel.

6. They started with 2 training cars, Kia Rio 2013 for manual transmission and Ford Lynx 2005 for automatic transmission.

7. They now have 4 training cars and that includes their Kia Picanto, the one that I used.

8. It's a startup and continuously growing due to their excellent service. Well, those reviews on their page are legit. I am a living proof! :)

9.  And hey, they won the Elite Business and Leadership Award 2017 and the Top Choice Driving School in Bulacan 2017. 

10. Sta.Maria office was temporarily closed 2 years ago, but will re open this coming May 2017. Good news, right?

11. Here are their mobile numbers:

0922 315 3351
0977 855 7119
0917 758 3568

Landline: 044 2335329

12. You can also visit their Facebook page ( Rev Up Driving School ) and shoot them a message anytime.

If you enjoyed this blog, click some ads on this page para masaya naman ako. BWAHAHAHA!

Thanks a lot, my dear readers. Until next time! xoxo

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Mar 24, 2017

Student Driver’s License Requirements and Steps Philippines 2017

Unknown     3/24/2017  4 comments

Student Driver’s License Requirements and Steps Philippines 2017

Hi guys! It's been a long time!

Well, I'd like to make this blog short yet informative.

Here's my experience:

I went to the nearest LTO branch and brought the requirements needed.  Almost everything is on the internet now, so instead of going back and forth or ask people, I just googled it.

Based on my research, I need these:

1. birth certificate original and photo copy
2. Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN), if employed
3. Filled out driver's license application

However, they didn't ask for the photo copy of my birth cert. It should be the original NSO copy.

And FYI guys, please don't forget to bring your marriage certificate if you are married. They'll ask for the photo copy of it.

I was also asked to have a medical certificate for my eyesight and hearing. They instructed me to proceed to the clinic beside their office. I paid 230pesos for it. 

I was asked to read numbers 3 and 9

and also these :P

Summary of requirements:

1. Original NSO birth certificate
2.  Photo copy of marriage certificate (if married)
3. Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN), if employed
4. Filled out driver's license application
5. Medical Certificate


1. Proceed to the customer service counter/public assistance desk and secure a driver’s license application form. The evaluator will check your requirements and will give you a queue number. Wait for your number to be called.

2. Once your number is called, go to Window 1 and the evaluator will take your requirements. Sit down and wait for the next step.

3.When your name is called, proceed to Window 2 where your photo and signature will be taken. Sit down again and wait patiently.^^


4. When your name is called again, go to Window 3 (cashier) and pay the fee which is 317.83php. The cashier will ask you to sit again and wait. No need to wait for your receipt yet, if you're applying for a student permit as per the cashier. (Don't worry, you'll have it afterwards.)

5. Wait your name to be called and proceed to the releasing counter and tadah! Your permit is ready.^^

Here's the updated fees as of 2017.

You can go back after a month to get your non-pro license.

 Everything went smoothly and I got mine in less than an hour. Thanks, LTO! Cheers everyone!

Drive safely!

Jun 20, 2016

Unbiased Review: Steak House (with photos and menu)

Unknown     6/20/2016  2 comments

Unbiased Review: Steak House (with photos and menu)

Steak House in Prince Sultan Street Thalatheen, Al Olaya, Riyadh - We went back to this awesome restaurant yesterday, June 17, 2016, to celebrate my husband's birthday. 

I am currently in Riyadh for a visit and it was actually my 3rd time to eat here. My husband and I both really love the food, service and ambiance that's why we decided to go back to have dinner with our friends. 

We tried different kinds of restaurants in the city, and so far, this is the best for us. Aside from their excellent food, their service is really exceptional. All staff are accommodating, well-trained and very professional, especially their Filipino waiters. (Not being biased here. Just being honest. Lol)

I like how they greet their guests/customers with sincerity. They will accompany you to your table and they will take your orders in a polite and professional way. A few minutes after they served your meal, they will make sure everything is fine. They will ask if there's a problem, how's the food, or if you need anything else. And as I mentioned, it was my third time and their excellent service is consistent.

The one in the photo is a Filipino waiter who was assigned to our table. Our friends ordered two of their signature steaks on a black rock and the waiter offered to slice it for them. So there, he was preparing the food in the picture above.

Architect Fred, our friend, enjoying and slicing his Sirloin Steak on a black rock with free 2 side dishes. He chose baked potato and mashed potato. Too much potatoes, eh? :)

My husband and I had the same food. Our favorite, Rib-Eye Steak (12oz) - flame-cooked, well-marbled "choice" cut for steak lovers who appreciate a bit more fat and flavor. It has been an all-time favorite worldwide due to its luscious fat marbling, which makes it very juicy and flavorful. 

It costs SAR 118.

For me, it's a bit pricey, but absolutely worth it.

You can also choose from different kinds of side selections such as loaded baked potato, fresh mashed potato, roasted fresh rosemary potatoes, french fries, seasonal vegetables, Spanish rice or lime-cilantro white rice. 

I had baked potato and vegetables. They were awesome!

So there... After eating this luscious and mouth-watering meal, we had this Nutella Chocolate Volcano. I don't want to over react, but this is one of the best desserts I've ever tasted. Well, I tried something similar in Chilli's, but this one here is really the best. There's this kind of feeling that even though you're already full and you think you can't eat anymore (lol), I'm assuring you, you'll absolutely ask for more. Steak House's Nutella Chocolate Volcano is the bomb!  

We also felt blessed that night because they have a special Ramadan offer. They offered free fresh salad bar and everything is just scrumptious! There's also free soup.

But wait, there's more! Aside from the food and excellent service. there's something more that caught my attention. It's a girl thing. *wink* The one and only - the wash room / restroom. 

I really really hate smelly and dirty restrooms. And if I saw a clean one, especially in restaurants, I'll be impressed. 

This time, I was impressed. And again, it's consistent. It smells good and it's really clean. 


Here is the menu --->>> STEAK HOUSE MENU

with hubby
and friends

I definitely recommend this place to everyone. You'll not regret it and every penny is worth it.

Thank you for reading. Let me know if you have the same experience. Feel free to post a comment or shoot me a message anytime. Cheers!

Jun 2, 2016

GMA Scammer: Nagkakahalagang 1.54 milyong piso, itinakbo. Mga artista ng GMA Network, nadamay.

Unknown     6/02/2016  10 comments
Kumakalat ngayon sa social media ang post ng isang nagngangalang Mhie Arceo Labiano at pinahayag nyang sya daw ay niloko ng isang babae na sinabing gagamitin daw ang pera nya (1.54 million) para sa isang teleserye investment ng GMA 7.

Ang babaeng kanyang tinutukoy ay nagngangalang Jenelyn "Jen" Tanjoco Morales na naninirahan sa Pulilan, Bulacan. 

Ito ang kanyang pahayag:

Pati ang talent ng GMA 7 na si Kim Domingo ay nag post sa kanyang Facebook account tungkol sa scammer na ito. 

Ito ang kanyang pahayag:

May ilang galit na netizen din ang nag post ng kanilang reklamo tungkol sa scammer na ito.

Hindi ako magugulat kung isang araw ay ibabalita nalang ito sa TV, lalo na at sabit ang pangalan ng isang napaka laking TV network at ilang kilalang artista gaya nila Derrick Monasterio, Louise delos Reyes at marami pang iba. Damay din Encantadia, ang bago at malaking teleserye ng nasabing network. 

Nasan na kaya si Jenelyn Tanjoco Morales ngayon? Simple lang, kung wala syang kasalanan, lumabas sya at harapin lahat ng mga taong ito. Kawawa ang mga taong naloko gaya ni Ms. Labiano. Hindi biro ang 1.54 million lalo na at nasa ibang bansa sya, kumakayaod at nagpapaka hirap para kumita ng pera. 

Hindi ako husgado, pulis o abogado para makielam at mang husga sa mga ganitong bagay pero bilang isang manunulat, ginagawa ko ang tungkulin ko para iparating sa mga tao ang mga ganitong pangyayari. Lahat tayo ay may purpose sa buhay. Diyos ang bahala, pero gawin natin ang part natin bilang isang mamamayan. 

Dear Ms. Morales, hindi mo ako kilala pero nagbabaka sakali akong mabasa mo itong blog ko pati itong sulat ko. Bata ka pa pala. 23 years old ka pa lang. Malaki at seryosong bagay ang binabato sayo ngayon ng mga kilala at ordinaryong tao. Nasaan ka? Siguro ay natatakot ka at hindi alam ang gagawin. Pero para sakin, mas makakabuti kung hindi mo na ito papatagalin at harapin mo kung ano man ang nagawa mo. Una sa lahat, naiisip mo sana ngayon ang pamilya mo. Hindi lang pangalan at buhay mo ang nasisira, pati buong pamilya mo, nadadamay. Wala ka sigurong anak, pero paano yung mga pamangkin mong mga bata o kung may kapatid ka mang bata. Naiisip mo ba kung isang araw eh hindi nalang sila makapag aral ng maayos o hindi makalabas ng bahay dahil pati sila binabatikos ng mga tao? Paano na din yung mga magulang mo? Matatanda na sila, kawawa naman sila. Sana maawa ka din sakanila. Ms, Morales, hindi kita hinuhusgahan o ano man. At hindi ito sulat na may halong galit. Marami ng galit sayo, ayaw ko na dumagdag. Pero talagang naaawa ako sa mga biktima lalong lalo na sa pamilya mo. Kaya sana hanggat maaga pa, ayusin mo kung ano man ang nangyari. Kung natatakot ka, magdasal ka at umiyak ka sa Diyos. Sya ang bahala sayo, magtiwala ka sana Sakanya at magsisi. Hindi pa naman huli ang lahat. Wala tayong magagawa kung makukulong ka at pagbayaran lahat ng nagawa mo. Pero tandaan mo, lahat naman ng nangyayari satin ay may dahilan. 

Maraming salamat po sa pagabasa nyo sa blog na ito. Hanggang sa muli.

Apr 19, 2016

Visa Stamping in the Philippines: Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Unknown     4/19/2016  49 comments

Visa Stamping in the Philippines: Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

UPDATED: June 14, 2018


All entry visas for family visit purposes will be granted inside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to the persons who have kinship or blood relations with the visa applicant and will be issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or by one of its two branches,  after filling-out of electronic visa application form through the Ministry's electronic website :

My husband works in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia and we filed for a Family Visit Visa.


1. Family visit slip with number and date of issuance of the visa.

2. Marriage contract with regards to wife or birth certificates of children, authenticated by the Philippine Department of Foreign Affairs.

Here's my experience:

1. My husband filled out the electronic visa application form through the Ministry's electronic website :

2. I ordered a copy of my marriage certificate online from NSO.

Here is the link

3. I called DFA Authentication Express' hotline number (02) 559-1111 and told them that I wanted my marriage certificate to be authenticated (red ribbon).

4. They sent me an e-mail with the instructions. They gave me an address and I sent them my marriage certificate from NSO. I used LBC express.

5. After a few days, they sent me back my marriage certificate and it was already authenticated. Mine was delayed for a day or two. Don't hesitate to get in touch with them thru e-mail. I made a follow up and they answered politely and everything went smoothly.

6.  My husband sent me a copy of the approved visa. He sent it thru e-mail. I just printed it out.

7. I contacted my agent for visa stamping. (The aforementioned requirements will be submitted to the Embassy through one of the accredited recruitment agencies listed in the Embassy's website.) We scheduled a meeting.

I brought:

a. my passport
b. my authenticated marriage certificate
c. a copy of my approved visa

My agent told me that my authenticated marriage certificate must be stamped first.

Everything went smoothly. My agent called me after 5 days and told me that I already have my visa.

At the airport, just bring the ff:

a. passport with visa
b. authenticated MC
c. round trip ticket

That's it! Easy breezy.

If you need an agent for visa stamping, feel free to shoot me message. God bless! :)

UPDATED: June 14, 2018

Hi, everyone! 

First of all, I’d like to apologize for missing and overlooking you private messages, e-mails, and even some of your comments.

I reached out to my former agent who helped me with my papers 2 years ago. I asked for permission to post her contact details online because I’m getting a lot of messages from you guys. Of course, deep in my heart, I really want to help all of you. And hurray! She gave me a go signal! :)

If you have any questions about visa stamping, fees, etc., go ahead and contact her. 

Agent Name: Dianne Blanco
Email address: 
Mobile number: 
Smart: +63999-993-5740
Globe: +639178574998
Landline PLDT: 4259811


Click those ads for me please hahaha 🤣 


Mar 21, 2016

Know the Key on Choosing the Best School for Your Child

Unknown     3/21/2016  10 comments

As a parent, choosing the right school for your child is one of the most important decisions you'll ever make. You might have your own personal reason why you clicked this URL, but I'm really glad that you are now here, reading my blog.

The title itself: Know the Key on Choosing the Best School for Your Child - and you are reading this right now, only shows that you're a responsible parent and you love your kid to bits and pieces like I do.

Like in my other blogs, I don't write "just to write." I write because I am inspired, happy, impressed or affected. I'd like to inspire others and make them happy, too. Sometimes, I try to help others and make it informative.

So there, enough with the introduction. As they say, "Mothers know best." Whether you're a mom, dad, grandma, grandpa, aunt or uncle, who's raising a child and you're now looking for the best school for your child, you might want to consider this first:

In school, especially pre-school and grade school, the relationship between the teacher and the child is the most important key.

According to Time Magazine, "The connection between child and teacher is more important than any other curriculum." 

You might want to check and observe the teachers first. If you can't do it, word of mouth is really helpful. You can check some reviews or feedback in the internet from people that you don't know. You can also ask your friends and try to compare their thoughts.

Teaching is passion. Passion means love. Do not enroll your child in a school where teachers are strict, unfair and pupils think they are monsters. Look for signs of warmth and genuine relationships, one in which teachers are respected but not feared.

You cannot command a little child. You cannot scold them. Remember: Children follow what they see. If you're a loving person and you are engaged to them, they will do the same to everyone.

Happy children learn faster.

Imagine your child surrounded by a loving teacher in school and a loving parent 24/7. That's a relief.

Unfortunately, there are homes that are not too peaceful or parents are too busy at work. School is their second home. Children will spend their days at school. They are with their teachers. This time, the saying "your teacher is your second mom" falls here. We owe our child's teacher big time. It is just your responsibility to choose the right school with the right teacher. 

Everyone looks for a school with plenty of evidence of progress and attainment. You should also look for a school where children would reach their potential, build their confidence, especially their personality. All of these are impossible if teachers can't focus because the school is too crowded and can't control everyone.

Here are some signs that the school fits your child: 

source: (

  • Your child is eager to go to school (or preschool or day care).
  • Your child acts energized and happy at the end of the school day.
  • The pace of learning in core subjects is, overall, about right for your child: challenging but achievable.
  • You see tremendous progress in your child’s overall development – academic, physical, social and emotional – throughout each school year.
  • Your child feels that her abilities and interests are appreciated at school.
  • Your child is achieving and performing academically (“cognitively” in younger years) at the level of which he is capable.
  • Your child has friends and acquaintances who like and accept him at school.
  • School work and friends are important, but not all-consuming, parts of your child’s life.. 
We need to be very careful on choosing the best school for our child. And of course, you must remember: You are

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