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Jul 25, 2015

DO NOT Expect The Worst

Unknown     7/25/2015  No comments

 If you are facing difficulties at this moment, I want you to stop  expecting the worst. Stop expecting failures. I understand that  you are just human and you get hurt, you have problems and  you are facing a lot of trials.

 "Life is a self-fulfilling prophecy." We do not always get  what we deserve in life, but we usually get no more than we  expect; we receive what we believe, and sad to say, people take  this principle in a negative way.

 Why don't you start believing for good things? Why don't you  start expecting that you are coming out of trouble? Start t  thinking that God will help you and He will turn it around. STOP FIGHTING YOURSELF. You can be happy. Stop asking the universe but rather start asking God for help.


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