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Jan 23, 2016

The Best Home-Based Job in the Philippines for 2016: Calling Call Center Agents and Team Leaders! (PHOTOS and VIDEOS available)

Unknown     1/23/2016  9 comments

There's a lot of reasons why you're looking for an online job right now.

1. You're a mom. You want to spend more time with your kids while earning at the same time.

2. You tried so many options. You tried different online jobs, you're not satisfied with the salary, or sad to say, you hate the management. (Boo!)

3. You have a small business, but you need to earn more.

4. Isa kang dakilang call center agent na sawang sawa na mag tawag, murahin ng mga customers, laitin at i-bully ng mga katrabaho mo at gawing robot ng management.

5. Isa kang call center agent na kumikita nga ng maayos pero pamasahe, pagkain, at tax pa lang, ubos na. Matagal pa ang cut off, pero critical wallet day agad.

6. Pauwi ka palang pero yung mga normal na tao na kasabay mo sa jeep or FX, fresh na fresh at amoy bagong ligo. Tapos ikaw, super haggard na. Vampire mode: ON.
7. You believe in yourself. You know you can do more. You know you are good. You know your capabilities and you know what you can do. In the middle of a traffic jam, masasabi mo nalang, "Ugh. I don't deserve this."

8. You have credentials. You have a degree. You're employed, but then you sometimes ask yourself, "Ito na ba yung sahod na pinaghirapan ko?" :(

9. People judge you. They don't believe in you. You wan't to prove yourself.

10. You heard na you can earn more than a typical office worker.

11. DISPUTES. (Oh well.)

These are some of the reasons why you're reading this right now. If you have other reasons, please let me know and I'll be more than happy to include it here (with your name!) :P

For now, I will try to help you find the best online job in the Philippines.


(Hey! Continue reading! Online teaching is fun and easy! Way too far from those irate customers. Give me chance! Lol)

I'm sure you can see their ads everywhere. You know why? Aside from being number 1 online school in Japan, it is also number 1 here in the Philippines and they have the highest offer compared to other famous online English language schools like Rarejob or 51 Talk.

Bizmates is hiring right now and they need a lot of English trainers. The number of students are extremely growing that's why there's a huge chance for you to get hired. A job opportunity truly awaits you.

Call center agents be like:

"I'm tired of pleasing my customers. Pagod na akong magsalita ng walang hinto at hinga lang ang pahinga. Ayaw ko na ng may kausap." :(

Watch this video and I'm sure it will change your mind.

The Bizmates Experience

Now, do you have an internet connection at home? It's now time to maximize it. Not just YouTube-ing and Facebook-ing. If none, go ahead and save a few bucks and coordinate with your desired service provider.

Here are the requirements:

1. Excellent written and verbal English communication skills

2. If undergraduate, must have at least 3 years of work experience in the relevant field

3. Preferably with a Bachelor’s/Associate’s Degree from a reputable college or university

4. Basic computer skills and above-average Skype skills

5. Overseas work or study-abroad experience, Japanese language skills, management experience, availability on Sundays, BPO experience are a plus

6. Available to teach at least 10 hours per week

7. At least 23 years old

You need to be patient. That's the first key. Trust me, everything will be worth it.

  • Your future Japanese students are the most polite people you'll ever meet on earth.
  • Your can earn like a supervisor (TL) or you can even earn more.
  • You will have a flexible schedule.
  • You can eat anytime.
  • You can pee anytime.
  • You can smoke anytime.
  • No more quick break.
  • In short, you're not a robot anymore.
  • You will have more time with your family.
  • Wake up and your station is just a minute away from you.
  • Very comfortable
  • You will enjoy and learn at the same time 
  • You can control your salary.
  • No more disputes
  • Christmas and New Year? You're free!
  • Big catch? The management will treat you as family.

It's now or never! Lol

Bizmates is hiring and I hope this is the right time for you to try it. Sabi nga nila, "Walang masama kung susubukan."

I'm sure you'll thank God soon. Well, He just sent you an angel. (ehem!)

I will do my best to help you get this wonderful home-based job. Post a comment or shoot me a message anytime.

Hiring Call Center Agents.

Photo credits: The Call Center Show,,

Click HERE to apply.

God bless you!

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